Phone Guys Collaborate On Fixing My Phone Line Problem, Bee Nest and a Big Hawk

Friday August 11, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Phone repair day, I hope

I’ve been  having internet problems and phone problems for over a year now and haven’t been able to get the guys to fix it right. It was an intermittent problem so was hard to pin down.

But today, my internet provider, and the phone line guys, ATT were meeting at my house to get together and try to get it fixed up. My repair guy said he’d try to get the best ATT guys that he knew of out here to get it fixed up right and he did just that.

The ATT guy arrives first and early.truck1


Rob got to it right away and checked out the lines coming from the pole to  my house and fixed a couple things and replaced some of the phone lines. He found the big tree growing around the line on this tree and fixed it up, just to make sure it was good. I was impressed by how matriculate he was. Just what I needed to fix this intermittent problem I’ve been having that wasn’t getting fixed. He said the guys that were here before didn’t do their job. Actually, he said they didn’t do shit. I later also discovered the guys from ATT had lied to me and about stuff previously.

Rob working on the incoming wires on the redwood tree.uptree2


Downed trees up in the hills

Barry came by and was going to ride up into the hills to remove some more downed trees across the roads with his chainsaw. But he had trouble getting his chainsaw carrier rack onto the back of the bike. I helped him do some filing on the rack and he trimmed some plastic on the bike and now it fits well, so he took off up into the hills to work on the downed trees.barry3


Back to the ATT guy

After he worked on the incoming line, he went out to the main pole and talked with his partner down at the phone station in town and together they trouble-shooted the line and moved my phone to new lines to town and checked a bunch of stuff out.pole4


Internet guy shows up

Eventually, the guy showed up and they collaborated with each other and determined that needed to put my new lines on a different spot on the equipment in the switching station which they will do in a couple days.

Good guys

I’m hopeful they will get if fixed this time as these guys were hard working and didn’t tell  me any lies. I really appreciated their efforts.

Bike ride and helping Nancy K. with her sprinkler system

I rode on up into the forest to try and catch a neighbor at home but failed. On the way back I stopped in a spot where there was some cell service and called Nancy K. to see how she was doing on her sprinkler valve repairs. Not good. I walked her through what to do to try to figure out why she wasn’t having success and eventually realized she was turning the wrong thing and had turned the whole unit off so no water could get through any of the valves. She had been pretty discouraged and was real excited when the water started to get though. She has to get some parts to finish the job.

Big bee nest

My brother Tom just came back from doing some rock fishing on a charter boat out on the ocean and said come look at this.

It turned out to be a big paper bee nest, a bit more than a foot in diameter.This was an especially big one. It wasn’t a yellow jacket nest as they make similar smaller ones, usually.beenest5



I zoomed in to see  just what kind of bee was up there. Hornets. Black with a  bit of white, almost the size of a bumblebee.hornets7


Eating mulberries

Late in the day, I pigged out on mulberries, messing up another shirt with the berry juices.The chickens get the ones I drop.mulberries5


Chickens and the hawk

I heard my brother Toms’ chickens doing a bunch of squawking and figured there must be something over there they didn’t like, like a fox or something.

I jumped on the dirt bike and rode on over their shutting the bike off and coasting in to the pen. I saw a big hawk take off near the chicken pens and fly up into a tree, so I went over to have a look to see what it had, thinking I’d find a dead chicken there.

But no. What was laying on the ground was a big ol rat it had just killed and would likely come back for it when I left.

My brother has been trying to get that big ol rat for some time now without any success.

That was my day.

Nice one.

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2 Responses to Phone Guys Collaborate On Fixing My Phone Line Problem, Bee Nest and a Big Hawk

  1. don striepeke says:

    bald faced hornet

  2. Nancy K says:

    Oh yeah … paper wasp nest. Boy can they make them BIG!!!
    So cool the hawk got the rat!! I guess they are better hunters than we are!
    No room on the blog for today … I’ll post our phone call tomorrow.
    I sure hope your interest finally works.

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