Persistence Pays Off Digging Out the Olive Tree

Thursday May 19, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Digging day

Today I decided to tackle digging out the little olive tree I wanted to remove and give to my brother to plant if he wanted it.

I got the tools together to get the job done and started with the shovel.tree1


Shovel work

I  made the hole my brother made another shovel width wider and deeper and got around the root ball.dugout2


Wouldn’t budge

After digging with the shovel I tried to  move it but it wouldn’t budge so I set up my big bar to use some leverage on it.leverage3


Big bar for leverage

I set up the blocks and jumped up and down on the bar carefully until I cracked the tree loose which I just did in this photo.bar4


Too heavy to lift

I had to move around the tree with the blocks and break it loose in  each spot until I could tip it over which took a bit of time as I still had a couple roots on the bottom attached which I had to break and eventually got the tree turned over but not out of the hole as it was too heavy for me to lift. I got the water hose out for the next step.helpers5


Getting it out of the  hole

It took some time but I sprayed the root ball  until I had most of the dirt out of it to lighten it up some. It was still pretty heavy and I could barely more it out of the hole. I had to roll it around and work it into a spot I could roll it out of the hole.water6


Moving it

It was too heavy for me to drag out of there so I figured my quad runner would do the trick so I got it out with a piece of rope and hooked the tree up. It went pretty well except when the tree’s root caught on a narrow gate I  had to drag it through.

Now it’s on the main drive and ready for Barry to pick it up tomorrow.puller7


Here’s the olive tree out of the ground and ready to transplant.tree8


That took  most of the day with all the breaks I took. Sure got some good exercise doing that.

I spent the evening chair hopping with my chickens and that was my day.chickens9


Nice day.

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    I’m exhausted.

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