Persistence Get’s Some Van Heater Work Done and Woodchips

Friday January 10, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Need to get some van work done

The plan for the day was to work on getting the van’s heater stuff back together,…………….but.

I wasn’t into it so I took care of the chickens and found some chairs in the yard to sit in and enjoyed the sun.

One thing at a time

I finally decided to just do one thing at a time and eventually the job would get done.

I started with cutting and forming a rodent block in the van’s heater vent.workarea


Vent guards done

It was just a matter of measuring, cutting and bending and then screwing it down. Looks good to me. That should keep any critters out of the heater and from building any nests in there.vent


New metal blades

The new metal heater motor fan came in the mail to day so I got it mounted to the old fan motor and ready to install once I was ready for it. The critters can’t eat through these fan blades like they did the plastic fan


So it’s one thing at a time so there were quite a few breaks in there before I would get to the next step. A good bit of the time was sitting and figuring out how to do the next step.

Installing the unit

Here I’m putting the heater duct assembly back in, it was quite a job lining things up under there but one by one I got all the bolts in.ducting


New fan fits

The heater duct is in and now it’s ready for the heater motor and fan to get installed in that hole which was one of the easier jobs on this job. I wasn’t sure the new fan would fit so I checked things out as I went and it all went together like it should.heater


Now for the glove box

The heater ducting and heater motor are in. Now it’s time to get the glove box and glove box door back on which is somewhat of a jig saw puzzle. The box tray  just barely fits in there and has to be inserted one way then turned and pushed in some more and turned again and it’s in. This whole job is sorta like working a big jig saw puzzle as it turns out.heat


The sun was going over the mountain around 3:30 so with no sun I decided that was enough on the van work. I was happy to get done what I did.

Big truck in the yard

I was in the house when I heard a big truck out in the yard so I went out to see what’s up. It turned out to be a tree trimmer truck with a load of wood chips. My brother Tom was directing them to the dump pile.

They dumped it here by the side of the pile that was already here and Tom says they have a load and a half more to bring by tomorrow.woodchipx


Watering it down

I put the hose on it to get it wet to start it mulching. Last time I tried to wet a pile down I put a sprinkler on the pile all day. When I checked the pile this winter it showed the water only went about six inches into the woodchips and didn’t mulch out  much.

So this time I put the hose directly onto the top of the pile with no sprinkler and will make sure it gets some water into it. This photo reminded me that I need to go turn that water off until tomorrow when I’ll add some more. I got that done so I’ll continue.

I turned the water onto the woodchips.water


Roosting chickens

With the sun over the mountain it was starting to get darker and cool so the chickens went to roost early today.roost


There’s my rooster Carmelo in the roost.rooster


For not wanting to work on the van today I did get some stuff done by persisting a bit which will get the job done eventually.

I had a nice day puttering around and doing a bit of work too.

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