Pelicans, Pelicans, Pelicans, Lots of Them

Wednesday September 25, 2019 Jenner CA.

Pelican Sorta day

I put my boat in at Jenner around noon and headed down towards the river’s mouth stopping behind this big stump to have a look around. I could see some brown pelicans starting to come in and land just down the river in front of me. Nice day with the wind down too.view


Pelicans landing

I paddled on past the stump and more pelicans were landing near me.pels


They seemed to be fishing a little and bathing and preening too.pes3


As I continued to paddle on by those pelicans more landed up ahead of me and I would need to paddle on through them to get to the mouth in back of them.pels4


Some of them were just taking it easy getting some sun and enjoying the day.pelicans5



I sat in this spot on the bottom end of Penny Island and watched the goings on for  awhile.soit2


These guys came flouting by checking me out.pelicans6


Pelicans took off

They all took off so I started my paddle across the river to the river’s mouth by the ocean up ahead.riverview


Mouth area

Ha, they were all down at the mouth area, lots of them. The most I’ve ever seen down here. The shore is covered with them.mouth


The mouth was open and the ocean was rough. It was making a lot of noise as the waves pounded the beach.

Mouths open

Lots of critters resting by the open mouth on the left, looking out into the ocean.critters


Here’s another view of the critters at the mouth.seals


Headed up river

I hung around the mouth area for a good while then turned and started back up the river going by here, more pelicans.riverup


I paddled on up the island’s back channel along here, no



The biologists were working today and they were coming back to the boat ramp after a hard days work taking samples on the river.bios


Boat ramp

I had to paddle through these pelicans to get to the boat ramp but I waited for some more biologists to get their boat out of the water and out of the way before I did.ramp


By far that is the most brown pelicans I’ve ever seen down here. There seems to be getting more and more every year.

Once I got back home I was feeling like a nap so that’s what I did and that was pretty much my day

.Nice day mingling with the pelicans.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Look at all those pelicans!! That is crazy! You have a beautiful opportunity to see such awesome critters. pelicans and harbor seals love that area. I wonder what critter they think you are? :)

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