Panels For the Chickens Mulch Area

Wednesday May 30, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Panel building continues

Once I got it going this morning I started with this gate for the mulch area. I welded the hinges up and put the wire on.gate


Mulch area

I installed the mulch area gate which will help fence in the mulch area behind it.gateup


This is the mulch area I’m making panels for. It will be a feeding place for the chickens and part of their run.mulcharea


Cutting and prepping

After a break I cut more rebar and prepped a 20 foot section of panel I will weld up later in the day.saw


I also cut wire for the panels. This is a piece of wire for the  20 foot panel.wire


Fire break

I could hear a chainsaw running across the valley and knew it was Barry and Mike making a fire break around our rental unit.

I walked over to have a look. Looks good, eh. They were just finishing up.break


Eating around the yard

Back home I visited the cherry trees and ate some cherries. I did this throughout the day.

I also ate what ripe blueberries there where. So far there are only a few.blueberry


But when these ones ripen I’ll be in the berries.moreberry


I also ate some wild plums that grow in the yard.

Welding up the panel

After the sun went down I welded up the 20 foot panel and decided that would be my last job for the day once I had it done.panel


I had about an hour before dark to chair hop so that’s what I did.

A critter

While chair hopping I noticed this new hole near my garden. If you look very close you can see the little trail in the grass that comes towards you and then turns to the right and goes off towards the back. I’ll be watching it to see what it is . I think a vole or a mouse as we don’t seem to have goffers around here.hole


At dark I went in the house and that was my day for a nice one.

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