Good Time to Walk In the Forest

Wednesday October 21, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike ride and a walk

I was feeling much better today than yesterday and had planned to go do some shopping. But the day was so nice I canceled the shopping as what I needed could wait.

So what to do today? I thought of going for an evening paddle down at Jenner around 5 and sorta planned for that.

So I chair hopped and enjoyed the day for awhile soaking up some sun.

Headed to the forest

Around 2 or so I thought a walk in the hills would be good so I rode the dirt bike up to a place I wanted to check out, parked here and walked on down that road in front of the bike.biketrail


Old road

It was a nice old road that I’d dozed off for a fire break during the recent forest fire.road


The road continued on as the trees shaded it from the sun. It soon ended and I continued on through the forest to see where it had stopped in relation to where I would come out at the bottom.road3


I eventually came out here at the bottom on this road. So now I needed to hike back up the hill as that’s where the dirt bike was.trail4


I put a flag here and there to mark where I’d been otherwise lots of the forest looks alike. I’m not concerned about getting lost in this forest as I know a lot of it from living here most of my life. flag


I walked up this old road on the way back to the dirt bike.trailup


Riding around the forest

Well that was enough exercise walking and I now had some time to go for a dirt bike ride which I did riding around the forest.

I stopped here at this spot, a tight spot that makes the road unsafe in an emergency as a big fire truck or something might not be able to get through the old redwood trees here as they are too close together for big stuff.trees


Plans change

I had stopped to make some plans about what to do about this problem and I made some plans but when I viewed this picture I  realized something about these redwood trees I hadn’t noticed before that changed what I should do to resolve the problem.

Trees are old but small

I noticed the tree bark is not red but is grayish. This means these trees a not growing fast but very slowly. If redwood trees don’t get much water they grow very slowly but can still be very old. I’d bet these trees are more than a couple hundred years old. So since they are not real fast growing trees they aren’t real healthy which means they don’t have much in the root system which means I could take one out easily with the dozer without disturbing much. So that might be the way to go. I’ll be thinking more on that as I don’t like unsafe stuff that might get someone into trouble.

Anyway I continued my ride and then went on home for the day. I got enough exercise and was tired out enough to not go for my paddle in the evening.

Instead I chair hopped with the chickens. I did find enough ripe raspberries to eat some. Yummy, there’s still some more coming I think.

Nice day.

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The Day Was Wasted Until I Talked Chickens

Tuesday October 20, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Wasted day

I didn’t sleep well last night. I’ve had a headache for the last couple of days and last night it came on strong so I went to bed early and it was a tough night.

I must of burned something off as this morning my headache was down to mild but I was still feeling real tired out.

So when I got it going around 11 I went out to take care of the chickens and then came back in to nap for most of the afternoon.

Around 4 I heard someone calling my name outside. It was my neighbor Fred.

Let’s talk chickens

He had been over during the forest fire and saw my chickens running around in the yard and thought that was neat. He has some chickens but keeps them pinned up all the time. What I told him then was only let the chickens out an hour or two before dark and they won’t have time to get into too much mischief and tear his yard up too much. He tried that and was pleased with the results.

Now he wants to know more about chickens and how to rise his own little ones.

So he asked if I’d come over to his place and check out what he had and meet his renter who was going to take care of the chickens and talk chickens.

So we went over to his place and met his nice neighbor lady and we talked chickens, enough to get them started in the right direction.

By the time I got back to my place I thought I was going to live as  my head was only hurting a little and I was more rested.

I did get another nap just the same and did a little chair hopping with my chickens just before dark.

Here’s some of the chickens after I let them out to graze.cickens


And here’s some more of them looking for stuff to eat.chickens2


Just before dark I turned the sprinklers on some of the weeds I’m trying to get going for the chickens.

I thought this was going to be a wasted day but after talking chickens with my neighbors, it wasn’t.

Mostly a nice day. :O)

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