Jenner Paddle, Blackberries, Swamp Rock Hike and Big Fish Bones

Thursday June 13, 2019 Jenner CA.

Plans change

I was planning on doing some shopping today but Joe, who I wanted to also visit wasn’t going to be in so I canceled the shopping until tomorrow and drove on down to Jenner to kayak. There was some high fog coming in as I arrived which made it a bit cool as the fog acts like an air conditioner.

I put my boat in the water and started my paddle up the river a bit taking my time. I only go up about a mile or so and that’s usually far enough to keep  me busy for the day.

High fog today

Here I am paddling up the river and you can see the high fog.river


I went by this great blue heron.  Wonder how many times I’ve taken it’s picture.heron


Turned around at Muskrat

I paddled up to Muskrat and turned around and spent some time in this spot just


Big fish bones

As I continued on down along the river I noticed this big thing of fish bones. The bones are pretty good size. The ribs are about six inches long. I was wondering what kind of fish that was. I believe some birds have been eating on it as anything else would have destroyed the bones during the eating process.bones


Not far from that set of bones I saw this set of bones from another big fish of some kind. Somebodies eating well down here.fishbones


I continued on and stopped in this spot for awhile taking it easy.logs


Swamp Rock for Blackberries and a hike

I had blackberries on my mind again as that’s the season around here for  them so I pulled in here at Swamp Rock Trailhead with plans to eat some berries and hike over to Swamp Rock if I could get through the swamp, meaning if it was dry or not.boat


I had to walk across here to the rock over on the hill in the middle of the picture. I hunted for blackberries as I made my way over there.rock


Blackberries are getting riper

Some where ripe and some were red. I ate both types if they were red enough. I’m still a bit early for the ripe ones, but I found enough to get full on them.berries


They look better than they are

There were also lots of salmon berries but I don’t  like them too well as they have a weird flavor even though they look real appetizing.sberrys


Headed to the rock

After I was full of berries I made a greater effort to get to Swamp Rock. I had to go through here if there wasn’t too much water in the


The swamp

There was some water but I was able to find a way around it.swamp


Rock view

I made it up to the front of the rock, about half way up and sat for a break. Here’s the view looking over to the town of Jenner.jenner


Here’s the view of the swamp and what I had to hike through from the river to get here.swampy


Getting to the top

But I’m only on a rock shelf at the front of the rock and not at the top yet which is just above me and looks like this. I decided to try and get on up there but it took about an hour to do it going through all the brush and looking for a trail to get there.rocky


There was a slide that sled last winter right next to the rock so I walked over to it to check it out and then looked for a trail over to the top of the rock off to the right here. I went over, under and around bushes to get to the top of the rock and it took a long time and some breaks.slide


Top view

Here’s the view from the top of Swamp Rock.rocktop


Too wet

After a break there I headed on back down. I looked at this spot to go but it was too wet so I detoured around it.wet


I worked around the swamp water again. It’s almost dried up for the year.water



Of course I looked for more blackberries on the way back going through this high swamp grass. Yes, that’s a trail there I’m following. One has to know where the trails are here to get anywhere.trail


Taking out for the day

I put my boat back in the water and headed on back to Jenner. It was about 6 PM as I paddled to the boat ramp just up ahead.fog


Shouldn’t really be shopping at this time

I drove on home stopping at the grocery store in Guerneville to get some stuff. I knew it would be busy but it was even busier than I thought. I finally did get out of there. Long check out lines suck.

Once home I checked on my chickens which were doing just fine and that was my day for a nice paddle and a hike and the blackberries were pretty good too.

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A Too Early Start, Ken’s Computer, Peep Doors and Nesting Areas

Wednesday June 12, 2019 Guerneville CA.

A too early start to the day

It was still early this morning when I heard a car pull into the driveway. I pulled on a coat to see who it was. It was Ken, too early for me so I told him to go for a walk in the park and I’d try to get it going. He took off for the park just up the road.

Try to mostly eat in the morning

So I got up and ate a big meal to get it over with for the day as if I eat late things itch and I sleep less.

Ken’s computer and bull

Ken returned and we sat outside and shot the bull. He had his computer in his car and it wasn’t working so we discussed that for awhile on how to get it going again.

Not sure if we solved anything on his computer but he took off and I went back in for a couple hour nap as with the corn stuff I wasn’t sleeping real good lately. Nothing to do about it but just get some sleep when I can so some times my day doesn’t start too early. :O)

Chicken pen work

Anyway after the nap I got my saw out and cut some wood to do some work on the chicken pens.saw


Peeps to the grow pens

I plan to let all the little peeps into my grow pens and I want to keep the big chickens out of them as they’d destroy it in a day or so.

Peep doors

So I cut out some doors and drilled some holes for wires to mount them to the fence.

Here’s one I was working on going into another grow pen.door1


But to get to that grow pen the peeps have to go through the main chicken pen so I put this peep door in so they could get there. I screwed a piece of wood on it to block the door when I want to.door2


Getting to the grow pens

Once they went through that door they could  make it over to this one to get into that area with all the green stuff, a grow pen.door3


Eventually I’ll open the peep doors and let them into these areas once more chicks are hatched out.

I think I got another nap in there some where and then I got the weed mower going.

Grass clippings for nesting

I wanted to collect some grass cuttings for the peeps nesting area once they get large enough to leave the boxes so I rearranged the nest boxes and dumped the cut grass into there so they can use it to nest in at night.grass


I also added grass to this area for the same purpose and added the boards along the fence to make it more nest like. The cardboard boxes now contain two nesting chickens sitting on eggs. Hens Goldie and Gertie.nesting


Need to improve the hatch success rate

I got a little done today but not much. But now I think I have things in good shape when all the eggs hatch out new chicks. At least I’m hoping they all hatch out. So far I’ve only gotten three chicks each on two nests. That’s not too good when they started with a dozen or so eggs each at the beginning.

That pretty much was my day.

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