Finished Weeding the Raspberry Patch and Some Apricots Getting Ripe

Monday June 29, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Weeding day

That’s mostly what I did all day. I dug up weeds in the raspberry patch to get it done. It took most of the day with a few breaks in there.

Once I  had all the weeds moved to the chicken pens I turned on the rain bird to give the patch a good watering.WATER


New apricot trees

I have an apricot tree in the backyard by the berry patch with some ripe fruit that I’d been nibbling on but it wasn’t long before they were all gone as there were only a few as it’s a new tree and just starting to produce.

I have a couple more apricot trees out front that I checked out. They are also new trees and had some apricots on them but not many.APRICOTS


Almost ripe

The looked like they were almost ripe for eating.COTS


Btu not quite yet. It looks like it will take a couple more days to ripen them up and I’ll be gone on  a trip so my chicken assistant will get them if she beats the birds to them.COT


It was good to get the raspberry patch weeded and all done and I got some exercise too.

Nice day.

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Chicken Chores and Weeding the Raspberry Patch

Sunday June 28, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Butcher day

Yesterday I worked on butchering some chickens. Instead of making it an all day project I got going on it right away and got it done in about two hours. That way I didn’t have to sit around thinking about it all day.

Moved some woodchips

After a good break chair hopping I moved a load of woodchips to the peeps grow pen from here.chips


It was getting a bit muddy in there from the overhead sprinkler so this layer of woodchips helped a lot.  Not the chickens as they love muddy stuff, but for me as I have to move around in there too.chipspen


Some of the chickens and peeps checking out the new mulch.peeps


Weeding the raspberry patch

After that I spent the rest of the day digging out nut grass weeds from the raspberry patch which I’d started a couple days ago. It’s hard work so I’m taking my time pretty much.weedrow


That pretty much was my day.



I didn’t have anything planed for today so I worked on weeding the raspberry patch some more and spent most of the day on it.

I have most of it done but not quite.view


Chicken food

I load up the wheelbarrow and take the weeds to the chickens pen for feed. I spend quite a bit of time in that chair resting up between working on digging weeds.weeds


I’ve got a good pile of the weeds in the peeps pen for them to work on.weedpeeps


I have another wheelbarrow or two of weeds left to dig out. I got done what I could today but wasn’t able to finish the job, but almost.

Nice day working in the yard and enjoying the day.

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