Drove to Jenner To Yak, Too Windy So Drove Back Home For the Day

Saturday February 18, 2017 Jenner CA.

A windy day

It rained during the night by had stopped by the time I got it going today. The weather guys said it was going to be windy today, but sometimes they are wrong, so I got my gear together and drove on down to Jenner to have a look.

The weather guys were right, it was windy and cold, so I took this picture of the boat ramp and drove on down to the overlook on highway 1 just north of Jenner.windy


Cool at the overlook

It was windy and cold when I got out of the car to check out the mouth area.

This is looking out the river’s mouth into the Pacific ocean. I could see some seagulls resting on the sand on that point to the left.mouth


There’s the group of seagulls on the beach.birds


New little inlet

And this is looking over the jetty out into the ocean. there are two groups of harbor seals down there and it’s also interesting to note the little inlet that has formed in front of the place the jetty has been washing out and opening up this winter.seals


Lots of harbor seals

You can see the little inlet that has opened up and one of the groups of harbor seals resting on the sandy beach.seal


Green lines in my photos

Another thing I noticed today is a bunch of green lines in my pictures which is showing there’s something going wrong with my camera which isn’t a good sign.

I’ll try resetting it to it’s factory reset and see if that helps any otherwise it might be getting to be new camera time?

Too busy to shop

I drove on home from there, stopping at Safeway, but it was just too busy so I drove on home.

The yard was still pretty wet from last nights rain and it was rather cool out, so I spent most of the time taking it easy in the house.

A little van prepping

I did look through my van to see what condition things were in as far as what food I had in there and what clothes and while I was at it I filled all my water containers up.

After that I needed a nap so I went in for a nap and then it was dark out and that was my day.

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Rained All Day and Doing Some Electrical Repairs for My Brother

Friday February 17, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Looks and sounds like a rainy day

I thought the weather guys said it wasn’t supposed to rain today, but it was raining fairly hard when I woke this morning and continued all day long and is still raining which is ok with me as we get all our rain this time of year and none in the summer.

I got it going late because of the rain, why get up? With this corn intolerance problem I have I don’t sleep well when I’m really getting hit which is most of the time, so staying in bed is sometimes a good thing. It’s hard to sleep when your body has the bad itches and you can’t stop itching. :O)

Got it going late

I finally go out of bed around 1PM and was minding my own business checking things out on my computer when there was a knock at my door. It was Tom, my brother that wanted me to come over to one of his houses to check out why a hot water heater wasn’t getting hot. So I got my electrical bag and headed over there. I should of put a rain coat on or at least a hat as it was raining harder than I thought.

Testing things out

After some electrical measurements I determined the circuit breaker wasn’t set right so reset it and checked the voltage at the hot water tank again and it now said it was getting some voltage.

I took  my tools and went back home getting a bit wet cause I didn’t have my hat. I was also a bit cold by now, so I increased the temperature on my heating stove a few degrees.

Napping in front of the computer

Later I was sitting in front of my computer half asleep when there was another knock at my door. It was Tom again. I grabbed my hat this time.

He had another problem with his stove in the same house. For some reason it wasn’t getting any juice to the stove. I measured this and that and determined the stove plug was bad. When I took it apart, I found the plug had been pulled too hard and pulled a wire out of the plug connection which caused the plug to almost burn up. After some work, I was able to repair it enough to get it working again.

Cooking up a storm

Back home to finish my napping and then did some research on You Tube. While I was doing that I did some cooking. I put a big pot of those potatoes I harvested the other day in the pressure cooker and cooked them up. Then I put a chuck roast in the pressure cooker with some onions and more potatoes with lots of water for broth and cooked that up too.

Once that was done, I cooked up a big pot of rice in my rice cooker which is still cooking and almost done.

Trying to eat corn free, but not easy

Most of that is what I’ll be eating for the next week or so to try and stay away from corned stuff and try to keep my itching down as much as possible. Every time I eat something that is corned, I have real bad itching for about two weeks about eight hours after I eat, even without eating any more corned stuff. The eight hours is just the most severe as things still itch all the time, just not as bad as the eight hour itch. Yuck.

Things look a little better tomorrow as far as rain and kayaking, but the wind is up, so we’ll just have to see what tomorrow brings.

That was my day.

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