Road Testing the Van and Dan’s Broken Down Truck

Tuesday May 26, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Testing out the old van

Today I needed to test out the van to see how the repairs I did were working out or not.

So first thing I did was take care of my chickens. The new chicks seemed to be doing just fine and no other eggs hatched in the incubator so I pulled the plug on it.

Road test

After that I cleaned off the van’s windshield and headed for Santa Rosa to give the van a good test out and see if there were any radiator fluid leaks.

Some visiting

My friend Marty  had a pace maker installed a couple weeks ago so I headed for his house to see how he was doing and shot the bull for a bit.

The van ran just fine on the way over.

Marty was doing well with his pace maker but said he was real low on energy and hoped that would improve a bit.

Planning an Oregon trip

After a couple hours I left and  started for home stopping at another guys place to discuss a trip up to Oregon soon.

And from there I made it back to Guerneville and went up to John’s place to discuss going kayaking soon.

Dan’s broken down truck

I made it home around 6 and didn’t see the note on the door. My friend  Dan had stopped by for a visit but didn’t find me home.

But shortly the phone rang and it was Dan a friend of mine. He said his truck stopped on the freeway just north of here and wanted to know if he could have the tow truck tow his truck to my house so he could work on it. I said sure come on in.

In about an hour the tow truck showed up with Dan and his truck so we got the truck situated in my car port so he could work on it tomorrow. He suspects his fuel pump has gone bad. It’s located inside the fuel tank so if it is it’ll be a pain to work on.

We sat around and caught up with old times until late.

The van tested out ok and I got a lot of visiting in today.

Nice day.

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Dealing With New Chicks and Timing the Van’s Engine

Monday May 25, 2020 Guerneville CA.

My chickens

Here’s my gang of chickens greeting me this morning as they know it’s time for some feed. I throw two scoops of various seeds on the ground for them to scratch and eat. That way they all get some as chicken feed feeders are sometimes hogged and some birds might not get enough to eat. I do both.chickens


New peeps

Next I checked on the 6 new peeps to see how they were doing. They were hopping around and seemed to be doing well.peep


I checked the egg incubator to see what I had in chicks. There were 4 of them in there. I think the rest of the eggs aren’t going to hatch for some reason, so I need to get some more chicks started and I have a plan.chicks



I put all the peeps together in here. A couple of the newer ones still had a part of their egg shells stuck to them which fell off later.brooder


Van engine timing

That taken care of it was time to time the van’s engine.engine


I got my new timing light out. It’s an adjustable one and after using it I really like it.timinglight


I got my wrench out and loosened up the distributor so I could turn it to adjust the timing.distributor


The timing was way off so I put it where it’s supposed to be. Than I checked the timing for the the timing stuff at different RPMs.

I tightened down the distributor and then worked on some electrical stuff on the van that needed done.

Starting the engine

I did start the van and it seemed to run well. I need to take it out and give it a good test drive to see if it’s all working properly.

I put the engine covers back on and tidied up a little and am now ready for a good test drive, maybe tomorrow.

I had time for some chair hopping  around the yard, on and off most of the day between work.

How’s the peeps doing

In the evening I checked on the new chicks again. Most of them are sleeping in the feed dish all cuddled up. They do that to keep warm. There’s 10 of them in there now.peepers


My plan for more chicks

Here’s a night shot of my broody hens. These are the ones that want to be Mommas. To get more chicks I’ve decided to gave eggs to 2 of them and let them hatch them out and take care of them. That will require moving them into another nesting box once they have all their eggs to hatch which should be by tomorrow as other hens lay their eggs in the same nest for the hen hatching them. That way I don’t have to be around to deal with their chicks and can go someplace for a bit.hens


It doesn’t look like I’m going to get as many chicks as I’d hoped out of the chicken egg incubator and I’m not sure why. I’ll have to keep working on it.

Nice day.

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