Shooting the Bull, Making Plans and the Van’s Rear Door Seals

Tuesday June 20, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Shooting the bull and making plans

After I got it going this morning I sat around in the yard until Marty showed up with his van that is similar to my van.

He’d been having some problems with the TBI injection unit he just installed and we were kibitzing on it. He found that he had hooked the distributor advance hose to the wrong port on the TBI unit. He had it hooked to what they call a ported port instead of a full port. Once he changed that his acceleration problem cleared up. We talked and looked at the other stuff he’d just done to improve his old van. He did the new TBI injection unit, a new steering box as his old one was shot and he got new shortened front springs like I did so it’s really improved.

A happy camper

He was now very satisfied with his modifications.

Then we shoot the bull discussing our upcoming trip to do the Continental Divide from north to south. There will be three vehicles going if it all works out. If I remember right he said we plan to take our time and do it in four to six weeks so it  should be a good adventure.

I have lots of wild plums

We took a break and walked though my orchard eating different kinds of wild plums.

Here’s part of my orchard.orchard


My brothers raspberries are starting to do better now that the deer can’t get in and eat them any longer.berry


Here’s some green plums we ate.plums


And some red plums.plumss2


And these were some good ones too.plums3


We went back and sat down and shot the bull some more and then Marty took off for home.

I puttered around the yard for  most of the rest of the day doing very little as it was a bit on the hot side in the sun meaning I sat in the shade a lot.

More work on the van’s back doors dust leaks

I did work on fixing the van’s rear door seals. I get a fair amount of dust that comes in and gets all over my bed and stuff, so I’m using some silicone to run a bead on the old rubber seal, then put a piece of masking tape over the wet silicone and then shut the door on it, but only lightly to form the gasket. I leave it slightly open until the silicone sets up, then pile the tape off and that should do it.vanseal


A good way to finish off the day

Just before dark I filled the bath tub up with hot water that I have on the back porch and sat in that for about an hour. I stayed until after dark and then got out and that was my day.

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Guerneville Elementary School Reunion Kayak 2017

Monday June 19, 2017 Jenner CA.

The group heads to Jenner

The gang put in at the Jenner boat ramp about eleven AM. We paddled across to Penny Island and then down along it’s side to the bottom end.

Here I’m waiting for the group to catch up.crew


Mila and Cindy were shooting the bull and hanging way back so I paddled over and got them going.

Here’ Mila as I put her in catch up mode.mila


Frist time the biologists have been out this year

We spotted the biologists taking samples up ahead so I stopped by to say hi as I hadn’t seen them down here in a long time.biologists


We continued on down towards the mouth paddling along here.riverdown


At the open mouth

When we were as far as we could go without spooking the harbor seals I asked them to line up for a group photo and this is them tying to get all lined up.lineup


Eventually I joined them and got them to line up nicely in the


Lunch on Penny Island

From there we took our time and headed on up the Penny Island back channel and pulled into Penny Island on the upper end, here.island


They settled down for lunch.lunch


We go for a walk on Penny Island

After lunch we walked onto Penny island to check out the old buildings there going through these trees.walk


Even though they were all in shorts they were game for walking through the berry vines. I had  my long pants on.trail


We started to go back when Cindy was determined to get to the old house but we had to get through a lot of berries. George and I followed her and made it to the big tree where Cindy wanted my camera so I gave it to her and she took this photo of George and I by the big tree.



I got my camera back while Cindy and George are trying to figure a way back out of there without going through too many berry vines.cindy


Taking off after lunch

We made it back out to where the rest of the group was and put our boats back in the water.putin


I had them paddle up the river a bit to Eagle’s landing  just up ahead from here where we stopped for the day and headed back to the boat ramp.gang


On the way back we went by these two geese which honked at us a bit then flew off.goose


We made it to the boat ramp and got all the boats loaded and headed on home. I left them all at the cabin and headed on home to get something to eat, then went back for a final visit as they were all leaving tomorrow.

We all had a good time and the day was nice with low winds. After dinner I returned to the cabin for a few hours where we all were shooting the bull, then said my goodbyes and went on home and that was my day for a nice one.

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