Brown Pelicans Everywhere and River’s Edge Blocks the Boat Ramp Again

Thursday August 22, 2019 Jenner CA.

I didn’t expect to see so many pelicans

Best thing for me to do to avoid so much work and give my body a rest is to go kayaking so that’s what I did.

I was amazed how many brown pelicans were on the estuary today. More than I’ve ever seen at one time.

They were lined up on that telephone line which I’d never seen them do before.pelicanwire


Headed down river

I decided to paddle down to the river’s open mouth today since I paddled up river last time.

I paddled by these two brown pelicans on the way.pelpair


And there were some terns resting on the bottom end of the island.terns


Paddling off the lower end of Penny Island I have to cross the river to get to the river’s mouth area going across here. More pelicans.pels


Almost to the river’s open mouth.takeoff


Lots of birds

There were lots of birds of all kinds resting on the sandy beach at the river’s mouth.birds


The ocean was fairly rough with some big waves crashing on the sandy beach. Harbor seals are resting on the beach here.seals


End of the river

I paddled down past the open mouth to what I call the end of the river where there is a spot out of the wind so it’s a good place to sit and watch things.haystack


Lots of pelicans close by where I sat in my boat.birds2


After a good break I started back up the river going by these pelicans.pelicans


And there was a group of pelicans on the lower end of the island I passed on by on the way in.islandpels


Trying to avoid trouble

On the way in I noted there were 30 or more canoes landed at the beach by the ocean so I decided to cut the day short to avoid any problem at the boat ramp when they pulled them out of the water.

I was headed to the boat ramp where I was in for a surprise and not a nice one.ramp


Blocked boat ramp

From this spot it looked like the boat ramp was blocked solid with trucks and trailers, not good and rude on their part to block the ramp like this. I’d run into them once before a mouth or two ago and advised them not to block the ramp like this so I wasn’t happy that they continued to do so. Rude.blocked


River’s Edge Boat Rentals blocks ramp

I pulled my boat into the ramp and got out to see if I could get my car through them, but no way.

I said to them this isn’t right to block the ramp like this. The lady who seemed to be in charge said they need to do this for the school kids that are out in their boats. Bull I know better and to use that excuse was lame. As a matter of fact any excuse is lame because what they did was just plain rude and inconsiderate on their part.

The story

I think they pulled in here around noon and it’s now 1 PM. I saw the boats parked at the beach with no one in them so they’d not be here for quite some time. As a matter of fact the last time the kids came to the ramp at about 3 pm so that means they’d block the ramp needlessly from 12  to 3 and likely be there until about 4 loading boats.

Ten minute loading zone

So the lady that seemed to be in charge didn’t seem to think they were doing anything wrong even though the sign says 10 minute loading zone. As a matter a fact she just kept motor mouthing it going on about everything continuously except the fact that she just didn’t have anything to say that was positive about them doing this wrong and doing something about it. I stopped her once or twice because she was motor mouthing it and not saying anything constructive. Don’t waste my time lady. She didn’t seem to get it or maybe didn’t want to.lady


The men were apologetic

On the other hand the men where apologetic and offered to haul my boat up for me which I accepted as there wasn’t any other way I was going to get my boat to my car today. They realized they were wrong and said so where the lady never said so.

Go ahead turn me in

She got upset that I would talk to the men and not to her but she continued to motor mouth even when I called her on it. She insisted I was very rude to her and she should turn me in. I said go ahead.  She just seemed to think what they were doing was an ok thing, but I didn’t and said so.

I took this picture on the way up to get my parked car, of them blocking the boat ramp and the potty area. They were inconveniencing just about everyone down here today. Not good business practices. I’m willing to share but they don’t’ seem to be except on their terms.trucks


So that was my run in with the River’s Edge rental group, the second time this happened. And yes I was rude but when people don’t listen up they deserve to be treated rude.

The next time this happens I think it might be time to get the rangers involved as it’s a State Park boat ramp.

No apology from her

I always feel bad about having to do stuff like this so I apologized before I left  and went on home for the day. I think I controlled myself fairly well and avoided the boat ramp rage. I didn’t get an apology from her, go figure. :O)

Too tired out to do any work

So I went on home for a nap with intentions of getting some stuff done but I was worn out and just chair hopped around the yard with a nap or two included in there too.

That was my day, lots of nice pelicans to watch today.

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Chicken Feed Improvements and Making a Stainless Steel Screen Box for the New Water Spring Tap

Wednesday August 21, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Some easier stuff to do today

I needed a stainless steel screen for my new spring collector I’m installing so I rounded up some materials to construct a small


I cut out a square and made a pattern to cut the box out.marked


The box

Then I bent the sides to form the box like


Then I used some hot glue to finish forming the box sides so things where tight and well sealed like this.hotglue


I put the box aside for later.

New feeder construction

Then I got some wood out and cut two 2×2 foot boards to make a new rat proof feeder for the big bird’s pen.boards


Don’t like the Grandpa’s feeder

I’m not liking the Grandpa’s feeder I bought awhile back. Smaller birds are getting caught in the door and the birds are also knocking feed out onto the ground so it’s just not doing what it’s supposed to do so I’m replacing it with one of my own designs.

Here’s the Grandpa’s feeder I’m going to replace.grandpas


Little guys feeder area

My other goal was to make a feeder place where only the small little chicks can get to eat so big guys won’t bother them and I can give the smaller guys special food to help them grow better. I’ve lost a number of the smaller birds so I need to do something to improve the smaller birds food and make sure they are the ones that get the food, otherwise the larger birds take it all.

I needed some fence wire for the new feeder area so I cut a piece out of this piece to fit the spot. My tape measure went south on me and won’t roll up anymore. Time for the trash can. I need to buy several more of them just so I can find one when I need it.wirecut


Chick feeder

I put the wire in and put some dirt on the floor. Right away the chicks were in there digging through the new dirt and no big birds got in there so that’s working. The new feeder pen is on the left with all the little chicks in it.chicks


I installed my original rat proof feeder in there with another box too. It didn’t take the little guys long to find the feeder and feed.feeders


New feeder for the big birds pen

Here’s another new rat proof feeder for the big birds pen to replace the Grandpa’s feeder. It still needs a top but this is good enough for now.myfeeder


Rooster comes by

Carmelo the rooster came by to check out the new chick feeder.chickfeed


Then he went over to check out the new big birds feeder that was in heavy use already.feeder2


Reunite the flock

Another one of my goals was to reunite the flock. I had the big birds separated from the nursery area which means I had a divided flock. So I opened up this door between the two pens so now every one can get together and all the chickens can go in both sides but only the little ones can get into the new little chick feeder area.gate


The little chicks can’t get outside until they can hop the hop gate so they will be safe in the enclosed pens

Up in the hills

Around 6 PM I rode the dirt bike up the hill to the new spring work area and installed this stainless steel screen box on the water outlet in my clay dam. Now it’s ready to be rocked in and covered up but not tonight.screenbox


I worked on the water pipe trails a bit improving their downhill slope so the water flows better in the pipes.trail


Didn’t want to work too hard

I came up the hill late in the day so I wouldn’t be temped to work too hard and continue to wear myself out. I got home just before dark and put the chickens away for the night.

And that was my day. I tried to do some work but not wear myself out any more doing it so that’s why I worked on the projects I did today.

Nice day.

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