Drizzly, Camera Memory Card Problems, Roof Work

Saturday December 15, 2018 Guerneville CA.


I could hear it drizzling outside this morning before I got up so I stayed in bed a bit longer just because I could.

Eventually I got it going and went out to feed and water the chickens. They are always happy to see me because I feed them. :O)

Camera problems

I tried to take some pictures but the camera was saying to reinsert the memory card or format it. I went back in the house and cleaned the card’s contacts and tried it again. A bit better, so I did a format on it.

This is the photo I took to test it out just because it was in front of me. My computer desk.testshot


The camera seems to be working ok, but likely a good time to get another memory card.

Working on the coops roof

It was still drizzling very lightly. The only thing I could figure to work on was getting the chicken coops roof up as I could do that in the wet.

So I propped up the frame I made yesterday. Of course it fell down a couple of times before I got smart and put a screw in my support board so it couldn’t slip.

I cut a couple of braces and screwed the frame up as the drizzle increased a bit which  meant time for a break.coop


Making do with old stuff

I’m running out of old pieces of roofing metal so it’s getting harder to use what I have left as far as being the right size so I will have to be creative. To help figure out what to do about lengths I put the metal I had up on the frame to see how it would look and what I need to do to improve it. It was a little too wet now to screw the roof down so I just left it up there hoping the wind doesn’t blow it down before I can get up there to finish the job.

Not get wet

The roof with the metal up. At least I can stand under it and not get wet.roof


It was almost time to let the chickens out to graze so I went in the house to warm up with a cup of coffee before letting them out.

Chickens out to graze

When I came back outside the chickens were waiting for  me to let them out.chickens


Here they are just after I let them out heading for the raspberry patch.chickrun


Here they are in the raspberry patch. The drizzle let up for a bit while the chickens were out grazing. A little water doesn’t seem to bother them anyway.grazing


Around 5 the chickens went in to roost. I closed the gate behind them and went in the house for the day.

Nice day, even with the drizzle.

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Rainy Day, House Cleaning, Some Work and Some Carrots

Friday December 14, 2018 Guerneville CA.

A bit of rain to deal with today

It was raining lightly when I got it going this morning, more like a drizzle.

I went out and fed and watered the chickens and went back in the house to warm up.

A little house work

I did some vacuuming until my back said to quit so I sat down for a break.

Rain picked up and then slowed down

Eventually it rained a bit harder and then mostly let up so I went outside to get something done.

Making a roof frame

I split the 2×4’s I bought yesterday in half with my table saw and got the drill out and drilled pilot holes where needed and screwed the roof frame together to expand the chicken coop roof a bit.frame


While I was working on that I let the chickens out to graze near the end of the day and finished screwing the frame together and that was as far as I got on that today.

Carrots are sure good

As I was waiting for the chickens to come in and roost for the night I pulled a few carrots out of my brother’s carrot patch, washed them and ate one as they are getting bigger. Nice and crisp and sweet.carrots


On the roost

Once the chickens were all on the roost I shut the gate and brought some firewood into the house for the woodstove and went in for a nap and that was my day for a wet one.

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