Paddling Up the River From Monte Rio and Back and Mulch

Thursday February 25,2021 Monte Rio CA.

Paddle day

Making up my mind

My plan today was to go down to Jenner for a paddle but as I was sitting in the yard around noon I thought the sun was nice and maybe I’d just stay home.

But eventually I decided it’d be good to go for a paddle and stay home tomorrow.

So I got my stuff together and headed on down towards Jenner but when I got to Monte Rio I thought I’d paddle there instead as I hadn’t paddled Monte Rio in awhile.

Paddling Monte Rio

So I pulled into the boat ramp at Monte Rio and put my boat in the water. I noticed the water level was up a bit so it’d be easy to paddle up the shallows just below the bridge. So I decided to paddle up the river a ways as I hadn’t done that in a long time.river1


Steelhead fishing

There were fishermen fishing for steelhead from the shoreline along the way but I didn’t hear of anyone doing any catching.fishing2


I continued my paddle up the river paddling past here.river3


These ducks moved out of my way as I passed on by.ducks4


Sit spot

I stopped here in these weeds for a spell just to enjoy the day and watch.sky5


Bohemian hole

My destination was the Bohemian hole here as I paddled around letting my boat mostly drift around the area as this was as far as I was going up the river today and the sun was nice.boho6


Drifting around the Boho hole looking up the river.sitspot7


Sitting in the Boho hole looking down the river and just about ready to head back down.river8


Back down the river

I hung around there for quite some time then turned my boat into the current and headed on back down the river.river9


Bird bombs

A cormorant in a tree that I made sure I didn’t paddle under as they are known to drop their poo when they get nervous and are about to fly off.cor10


I’m back down at the Monte Rio bridge and headed to the boat ramp just below it.bridge11


Boat in the slot

As I rounded the corner I spied a boat in the slot so paddled down to see what he was up to.rivr12


He just got there so not much to report.boat


I paddled back up to the boat ramp and loaded my boat and went on home for the day.

Yard work  moving  mulch

I spent most of the rest of the day hauling this pile of woodchips into the raspberry patch through that gate.chips


I hauled some woodchips thinking I’d just do ten loads if I could make that.

Had to stop for a nap

After a bit I went in the house for a nap and when I came back out I hauled some more chips making about 17 loads so that was good as I’d like to get all the mulch on and let the chickens spread it out as the raspberry bushes are starting to leaf out.

A raspberry patch with fresh piles of woodchips.patch


I only have a few more loads of woodchips in the pile so another day on hauling them should finish that up.

Nice day.

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