Paddling the Sixes River in the Cape Blanco State Park with the Mouth Closed

Tuesday, Wednesday August 29, 30, 2017 Port Orford Oregon, Sixes River and Guerneville CA.

Kayaking the Sixes River up

The plan today was to go back down to the Sixes River and kayak up the estuary from the Hughes House in Cape Blanco State park. The wind was down today and the mouth of the Sixes River was still closed so I thought I’d paddle up the estuary as far as I could get.

I put in here at the Hughes House launch area.boat1


This was my view as I paddled onto the river and headed up.river2


Like a big lake

With the river’s mouth closed there’s no current to paddle against, it’s like a big lake.river3


I stopped at this spot for a little break.river4


I was the only one on the river today as I paddled up the river.river6


Checking out the pond area

I remembered a little pond area on the north side of the river so I paddled in to check it out. There were some guys working nearby, so the wildlife I expected to see wasn’t there.pond7


Turned around here

I was able to paddle about two miles up the river from the launch area before the water got too shallow in this area, so I turned around and headed back down the river.

This was as far as I was able to paddle up the river.river8


Going down looked just as nice as going up.river9


Not much wildlife

I saw very few of anything in the wildlife department. This goose stayed ahead of my boat for a good while.goose10


Oh and I saw this hawk fly into this tree where it sat for a moment before flying off again.hawk11


I’m almost back to the boat ramp which is on the left side of the river just up ahead.river12


Nap time

I pulled my boat out and moved the van to a nice spot for a nap.

Going home

Around 4PM I went to town and did some shopping for things to eat. Then I went over to the Kar Kare Shop and said my goodbyes to Steve and Kevin.

From there I headed down the 101 highway about fifteen minutes to my old camp stop at a road maintenance  place up on the side of the road overlooking the ocean.

No view today

A bit foggy though so I have no view.vanfog13


I did spot this ground squirrel  just after I pulled the van into this spot.squarel


Headed home

Tomorrow I plan to head on south towards home, about a nine hour drive. I might make it or I might not, we’ll see.

Nice day.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 Home

I left my camp spot just below Humbug State Park, Oregon around 9 this morning and arrived home about 7PM safe and glad to be home.

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  1. PG says:

    Good you’re safely back.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    Nice quiet yak ride today. Pretty views. Like the hawk.

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