Paddling Monte Rio Down and Back With Baby Ducks

Wednesday May 20, 2020 Monte Rio CA.

Yak day

It seemed like a good day to go yakking on the river so I got my stuff together and headed down to Monte Rio and put my boat in the water. I decided to head on down the river a couple miles and then come back up.

The river looked like this just after I put my boat in the water and headed down stream.river1


Right away I saw this green night heron land in the bushes just up ahead in front of me.heron



I continued on down. There was a little wind but not bad as I paddle don down.windy


I paddled on by these ducks sunning on a dock. Three mergansers and a male mallard duck.ducks


I continued on headed for that spot down in the center called the Villa Grande Pool where I like to sit and watch for a bit.river2


Villa Grande Pool just up ahead.villa


I backed into  my spot and sat and watched, looking back up the river.villapool


Osprey nest

Some ospreys were screeching up in the trees above me. A nest of them.nest


After awhile I decided to head down the river just a little further to this spot, up ahead in the trees on the right.river3


I sat here for awhile taking it easy before turning and heading back up the river.sitspot


Headed back up the river

Back at the Osprey nest one of he ospreys landed on a big tree above me and made a lot of screeching noises.ospray


By now most of the light wind had mostly died down.river4


I paddled by these poppies blooming on the shoreline.poppies


Monte Rio

Back at Monte Rio I decided to paddle up by the bridge, just below it and to the


This merganser duck with a bunch of little guys swam on past me.gansers


When I pulled into the spot below the bridge this momma mallard swam right over to me with her little guys.mallards


After a bit there I headed on in to the boat ramp and loaded up  my boat and went on home for the day.

Time for the chicks to hatch

After a nap and a good break at home I went out to the feed shed and set one of my cameras up to watch over the chicken egg incubator as tomorrow is hatch day day 21.eggs


The van’s engine miss

Next I worked on setting up  my van to work on it to find my engine miss and figured out what I need to do to figure that out. I’ll likely work on that in a couple of days to hopefully figure what’s causing that miss.

A bit of chair hopping and wondering around the yard and that was my day for a nice one.

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