Paddling Jenner and I Do a Good Deed

Monday February 22, 2016 Jenner CA.

John has a problem

It was sunny and the wind was down as I drove into Jenner this morning. I put the boat in the water and parked my car. John, a guy who lives in Jenner and picks up a lot of litter was at the ramp and so we shot the bull for a bit. He had been fixing his car radiator, but by the time he got it all done his battery was dead and he was trying to figure out how to get to Santa Rosa to get a new battery. He usually uses public transit, but getting the old battery to the place and bringing a new one home wasn’t going to be an easy task doing it that way. I left him and headed down towards the river’s mouth which looked like this on the way.jenner


I paddled by this flock of seagulls and the even bigger flock of cormorants sitting behind them.cormorants


Open mouth

The ocean was real rough and the waves were breaking over the rocks and the jetty, looking out the open mouth. Lots of birds and seals around on the beach as usual.mouth


End of the river

I continued on down to the end of the river and sat around for a bit, thinking I should round up John and take him to Santa Rosa to get his battery taken care of.riverend


While sitting there I spied these turkey vultures sitting just in front of me.raven


I paddled on over, getting close to see what they might be after. This vulture spread it’s wings, likely to look bigger than it was, a defense?vulturewing


I looked around and finally spotted this raven on the ground in the rocks. It looked like it was eating what was left of a big fish after the seals get done with it, just a head and the stripped bones are left, which you can see some of to the right.raven2


Eventually, I headed on back over to the mouth going past these harbor seals resting.seals


I went on by the open mouth headed over to John’s house to see if I could find him.seagulls


Ugly sea lion

As I was paddling along I noticed this sea lion coming my way, only about twenty feet away and staying on the surface, getting closer.sealion


It passed on by checking me out good.

John’s not home

I made it to John’s house, but didn’t see him anywhere, so continued on up along Penny Island.heron


I thought maybe I’d see John picking up litter somewhere near town, but I didn’t see him, so I continued paddling up to the little channel on the upper end of Penny Island and sat around for a spell, napping a bit.

Eventually I decided to head on in and see  if I could locate John in town or driving down to his house.

Catch John at the post office

As it was I saw him go into the post office when I was approaching the boat ramp, so I caught up with him and told him my plan. He was concerned I’d have to drive him all the way  back to Jenner so I told him I’d just do a sunset yak and we were good to go. Well, almost, just still had to get the battery out of his car.

We drove on down to his house.johnshouse


And John got the battery out of his car while I enjoyed the view from his place.john


We drove into Santa Rosa to the battery place.

Now we had a problem

That battery was only two years old and still had a warranty on it. The catcher was he had to leave it with  them to see if they could get it going or not, giving them two days. I suggested a loaner battery which he paid for and we were out of there and headed on back to Jenner.

I dropped John off and was thinking of going kayaking for the sunset, but I was tired out and hungry so I took this picture from John’s house and went on home for the day. sun


That was it for a nice day.

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