Paddling Around the Estuary On Thanksgiving Day

Thursday November 24, 2016 Jenner CA.

The weather guy was wrong

The weather guy said the wind was going to be around ten miles an hour today, but he was wrong.

I put my boat in the water around noon and paddled across to the island and headed on down it’s edge looking like this.river


I stopped here and there taking my time and eventually I started the cross over to the river’s mouth area.river2


I saw John at his house so I went over and talked with him a bit and then continued on going past these pelicans bathing in the water. There were some seagulls doing the same.bathing


Looking down towards the open mouth

I could see the ocean was fairly rough as I could see and hear big waves like that one breaking over the big rock out in the ocean. But it was nice and calm in here where I was.mouth


There were quite a number of seagulls bathing in the water around me.birds


It was low tide and the river’s mouth was wide open to the ocean. Something caused the seagulls to jump into the air for a bit, but they soon settled down again.mouthopen


As usual, there were lots  of harbor seals resting on the sand.seals


We seemed to be having some kind of meeting

Eventually I left and headed over by the bottom end of Penny Island where I saw a couple turkey vultures doing something on the shore, so I paddled on over. I was only twenty feet or so from them. More landed like we were going to have a meeting or something.vultures


I backed off to take this picture as I was right up there with them. They didn’t appear to be eating anything, just sitting and taking it easy.turks


Almost ran into this great blue heron

I left and paddled up along Penny Island on the front side where I ran into this heron. Lots of times when I get near a critter, I put the boat into glide and don’t move and just take pictures. I never am quite sure which way the boat might glide and sometimes it glides real close to critters. If I move they would spook so I just keep taking pictures.

The result is sometimes I get really close to critters. Now this particular great blue heron I’ve been going by almost daily so by now it knows it’s wasting it’s time to fly off as I don’t bother it. But still, this is pretty close, about six feet.heron


Here’s one of my best shots of it.heron2


I left it fishing and continued on up the river.

This is just above Penny Island. It’s getting late in the day.riverup


Changed my mind and went ashore

I paddled on up to eagle’s landing. I wasn’t going to go to shore because the sun had already gone behind the mountain, but when I got to the spot it looked so nice I went to shore and spent some time here.kayak


A little sun would be nice

But eventually I thought some warmth from the sun would be nice, so I headed back down the river were the sun was still shining, but just barely as it was gong to go down for the day.

I’m headed down river into the last sunshine of the day.jenner


This was the sunset as I paddled over to the boat ramp at the visitor center.sunset


I put the boat on the car and drove on home and that was it for me today.

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