Paddling Around Jenner, a Near Miss and a Big Electric Oven

Monday December 26, 2016 Jenner CA.

Jenner is always warmer

It was 34 when I got it going this morning. Too cold to do anything around here, so I headed on down to Jenner where I knew it was a bit warmer and put my boat in the water.

The wind was light and the sun was out. I decided to head on up the river a short distance taking my time along the way. I stopped in this spot for a bit taking it easy.logspot


Harbor seals that hang in the river, not at the mouth

There were some harbor seals across the river from me doing the same thing by Paddy’s Rock. They pull out here occasionally, but not very often as they have a place up the river which I call Seal Haven.seals


I worked my way along the shorelines and eventually crossed over to the north side and by Paddy’s rock. The seals had left and were in the water.paddy


Just past the rock some geese and ducks were also taking it easy. The geese honked a little as I passed.birds


Headed towards the river’s mouth area

I continued on down the river headed to the river’s mouth area.jenner


There were quite few ducks on the water today and these guys flew just over me.duckksfly


Here I’m approaching the bottom end of Penny Island and can see quite a few birds up ahead.island


Egrets fishing away

There were a couple great white egrets fishing on the shoreline. This one has just caught a small fish. They seem to prefer small fish about this size to a big one.egretfish


And this one was keeping an eye on me as I passed on by.egret


River’s mouth is open

The river’s ‘mouth is down there by the big rocks going out to the north.moutharea


The mouth has changed a lot lately

I stopped here and watched. It was low tide and I could see the mouth was a bit different today. I wanted to go down further to check it out, but I was getting too close to the harbor seals on the sand and didn’t want to spook them so I only went a little  further. I decided to drive down to the overlook when I pulled out for the day.boatmouth


This was as close to the seals as I got. I can get closer to the seals up the river I saw earlier than this pack.seals2


Meant to drive down to the overlook

I headed back in from there and put my boat on the car and headed for home. About a mile out of Jenner I remembered I wanted to drive down to the overlook and check out what the mouth looked like, so I turned around and went back to the overlook to have a look.

Here I’m at the overlook looking up the river. Those girls there seemed to be having some fun.over


It’s low tide so the sand that got washed out into the ocean is showing. This is what the mouth looks like right now. The ocean will push most of that sand out there back into the mouth as summer approaches. The ocean can really move large amounts of sand around when it wants to.mouth


A couple hundred harbor seals

This is the big pack of harbor seals resting on the sand, looking out into the Pacific ocean.sealpak


And these are some of the birds just inside the mouth.mouthbirds


I left there and headed home.

Dangerous intersection

At the intersection where River Road meets highway one just out of Jenner, it has an intersection that isn’t a tee, more of a triangle. And lots of people don’t seem to understand that when they are stopped at the stop sign, they are supposed to stay stopped for cars that are turning in front of them. For some reason, when the intersection isn’t a tee, people think they can leave the stop sign when I’m signaling a left turn in front of them. I have the right of way and they are at a stop sign so they should not move, but they do, too often here, so I was cautious as they do this to me fairly often. Sure enough, I slowed to left turn in front of them and the car pulled out in front of me and would of hit me if I didn’t stop. I didn’t honk, but said no, no and waved my arms indicating they screwed up as they drove on.

Hooking up the big oven

I continued on home and was taking it easy when my brother Tom came to the door and wanted some help hooking up the big electric oven next door, so I went over there and we figured out how to do it and what we needed to do it and then went back home and finished my nap.

And that was my day.

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