Paddle Day and Shooting the Bull With Andrew

Tuesday August 2, 2022 Monte Rio CA.

Paddle day

It seemed like a good day to go for a paddle. Any day is a good day to go for a paddle on the river.

I drove on down to Monte Rio and put the boat in the water at the boat ramp around 3 in the afternoon.

I decided to paddle on down the river about a mile. The river looked like this as I started down it. A real nice day.river2


Guy fishing

I didn’t get very far when I saw a boat down below me with a guy fishing from it. I knew it must be Andrew, a guy that lives on the river and likes to fish it a lot. I’ve known him for some years now, but haven’t seen in in quite some time.river3


It was Andrew all right. He was fishing for bass. I joined him as he worked his way down the river fishing away as we shot the bull.andrew4


We went on by these ducks that didn’t seem to mind our presence much. Most ducks in this area are real friendly.ducks6


He hooks a few but lets them go

We stopped along the way as Andrew fished away, hooking some small bass as we went.fishing8


Eventually we made it down to where he went to shore and went on home for the day. We had a good bull session and caught up with what’s been going on.

Sitting spot

I continued on down to this spot where I like to sit in my boat and just enjoy the river and watch for stuff, looking down the river.river9


It’s a nice place to just sit and take it easy. This is the Villa Grande hole.sitspot11


Dangerous bird

I saw a lot of white stuff on the rocks and looked up to see this great blue heron sitting up in the trees above me. Being below one of these birds is one of the more dangerous things on the river because when they decide to fly, they let loose with the white stuff. If they get you, the only thing you can do is go for a swim. I’m careful and one has never gotten me, yet.heron10


Young osprey

There was a lot of screeching going on above me. A young osprey was screaming for food. Feed me, feed me. They are always hungry. This one is pretty good sized and will be flying soon.nest12


Headed back

After sitting in that spot for some time, I started back up the river going by these ducks.river13


I stopped here to sit for a bit, just watching and am almost back to the boat ramp, just up ahead a bit.ducks1


Old guy

I spotted another great blue heron in the trees. This looks like an older one that’s been around for awhile. I’ve likely shot it’s picture many times in the past.bird13


And this was my last stop, just before I made it to the boat ramp.upriver16



At the boat ramp there was a guy I knew so had to shoot the bull with him before heading for home. I stopped at the store on the way home to see if they had my ice cream and they did so I loaded up and bought two.
That’s a score for me as they are usually out of the one I need.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Paddle Day and Shooting the Bull With Andrew

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Sweet paddle. Glad you avoided the bird…

  2. Nancy K says:

    Don’t you just love the quiet and the critters? FYI it’s interesting just how much improved my balance is after only a few days riding. You were right!

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