Paddle at Jenner and Some Spring Yard Work

Tuesday February 4, 2020 Jenner CA.

Paddle day at Jenner


When I got up this morning and I looked out the window, this is what I saw.  Not snow but frost on my raspberry patch.frost


Off to yak

I got things together and headed down to Jenner to kayak for the day.

Once the boat was in the water  I headed down towards the mouth area up ahead where that rock is.river


It was low tide and the ocean was not so rough today although some waves were breaking on the rocks.ocean


Mouth is open

I pulled over to the left side of the open mouth to have a look at things and enjoy. The fishermen like to know if the mouth is open or closed as when it’s closed not too many fish can get into the river so the fishing isn’t so good.seals


Then I paddled past these harbor seals resting on the sand and headed around the corner to Haystack rock.seal


Haystack Rock

There’s Haystack Rock and some people in a canoe landed. I chatted with the couple for a bit. They said the weather is  much better here than where they come form back East.rock


Paddling up the river

I left there and started up the river going by


And on up by this big redwood stump, up the island’s back channel.stump


I came out at the island’s upper end here.trees


Nice spot

There’s this little channel on the top end of the island where I like to pull in and take it easy for a bit as it’s mostly calm in here.island


How’s fishing

From there I went on in and then drove my car to Monte Rio to see how the steelhead fishermen were doing.

Here’s the Monte Rio parking lot with the fishing boat trailers get parked. trailers


I walked over to the boat ramp and the river sure looks nice here. But I didn’t see any of the fishermen at the ramp so I didn’t get a fish


Mixing chicken feed

I went on home for a short nap before going outside and mixing up some chicken feed in the chicken feed shed.feed


Then I moved a couple loads of woodchips to the raspberry patch.
And it was time for another break.

Rodent camera

My brother is having a rodent problem in his garage so he took all the rat traps over there to it. I’d had my camera set up on the traps so now with no traps I moved the camera into the chicken’s mulch pen where they get fed quite often and there’s a bit of seed around in the ground. A good place to watch for rodents. They seem to be able to smell each seed and dig them up for chow.

Here’s the camera set up in the mulch


More woodchips

Just before dark I hauled two more loads of woodchips to the raspberry patch.

Here’s the woodchip pile area. Daffodil’s hold up well to


Here’s the woodchip pile and my scoop loader and dump truck and my resting place that I need to use a lot.woodchips


That was about all I could fit into one day.

Nice day playing and doing some work too.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Seems like you were busy from morning to dark! The water looked cccold after seing the frost. I assume the wind was non-existent for such calm waters.
    Still chasing rodents? good luck catching the little beggars!

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