Organizing Empty Chicken Feed Bags and Some More Time in the Hills

Tuesday November 16, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Empty feed sacks out of control

My plan today was to get the chicken feed bags in my chicken feed shed under control as they were getting out of hand.

I”d been stuffing the bags in between the shelves for quite some time now and it was getting harder to get another sack in there so I needed to do something about all the loose empty feed bags.shedbags


Lots of empty bags

I started by throwing all the empty feed bags out the door so I could deal with them.sacks



Then I sorted them out to each type of sack and started stuffing them into empty feed sacks and got it all down to this size.lessbags


I thought I could do a bit better so stuffed some more and got it all down to this many bags.bagged


Done for now

I put all the stuffed empty feed bags back in the shed for now but need to find another place for them eventually to keep them from filling the place up. At least I got that done today.

Mushrooms and hiking around

In the late afternoon I got on the dirt bike and rode it up into the forest to look for some wild edible mushrooms and do a bit of hiking for some exercise.

Blocked road

Right away, going up one of the roads I had to stop and move some stuff to get by this downed tree log. I was able to move some little stuff to get by as the tree log was too heavy for me to deal with.road


Mushroom area

I stopped in this spot and got off the bike to walk around and look for mushrooms but didn’t see any.walk


End of the trail

Then I rode up to the ridge top where I was clearing out an old trail the other day and rode the bike down to the end of that trail and parked and had a good walk around this area.trailend


None popping up

It looked like a good mushroom area but I didn’t see any fresh ones popping up.forest


Pack rat nest

I did spot this pack rat nest which is about three feet high and it looked fresh like someone was using it.ratnest


Madrone tree berries

I noticed this big Madrone tree had ripe red berries on it and some wild pigeons where feeding on them but they flew off when I approached.trees


Lots of red berries on the Madrone trees this year.berries


Forest road

Well, I had a nice walk around the forest but didn’t spot any new mushrooms popping up  yet so I hopped back on the dirt bike and rode around a bit going under this tree on the way.roadtree


Armstrong Valley Farm’s garden

I stopped at my brother’s garden to get an apple on the way


My brother has been busy getting the ground ready to do some planting.dirt


Moving dirt

There wasn’t much left in the day when I got home but I did have enough time to move this dirt to a place in the yard where there was a low spot I often trip over.dirt2


And after that a bit more chair hopping and the night coolness started creping in and I headed for the house.

Nice day.

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