Organizing Because the Newer Car Needs More Room

Thursday May 11, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Newer car

My newer car is  a bit larger than my old one and it’s a little tight getting into my carport and with me getting older, I just need more room to maneuver without bumping into stuff.

To get more room, I need to clean some stuff up and do some organizing.

I cleaned out this side by the house to start with.cleanedup1


Musical chairs

Then I  moved all this stuff out of the car port to this spot. I’ll have to deal with the stuff here at some later time.chairs2


More stuff

I have to get this stuff out of the car port, so I started moving stuff and putting stuff away in other places.mess3


It’s getting there

That’s better and my old van has to go too. I have another spot for it.cleanedup4


Another mess

I need to do something about these tools scattered on the ground. I use them so I need to get them organized.tools5


Shelf building

I got stuff out to build a shelf for the tools and commenced building a shelf.boards6


It wasn’t long before I had something together for a shelf.building7


I got the shelf installed, but it loaded up fast so I needed another one.shelfup8



That’s better, I got all this stuff off the ground.better9


More room

And now I have enough room for the car and at least some of the stuff got organized.carport10


Nice day.

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One Response to Organizing Because the Newer Car Needs More Room

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Nice job. Guess you’ll put a rack on the new car roof for the kayak. After using up the gas.

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