Old Well Sediment Work and Some More Trail Work In the Forest

Wednesday June 2, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Work to be done

Like always the first thing I do is go outside and tend the chickens. Give them some feed and check their water and make sure all the little peeps aren’t in any trouble.peeps1


More sediment removal work

Then I was over at the old well turning the water valve off and on to remove sediment.

This is the sediment from a couple hours work from yesterday.sand2


It didn’t take the chickens long to go through it looking for anything to eat. Just sand but they look anyway.sandy


My helpers, they like to scratch in the mud and wet dirt.chickens3


My back controls stuff sometimes

After about an hour of working the water valve my back says it’s had enough and do something else like a little chair hopping around the yard so that’s what I did.

Old redwood forest trail work

But eventually more work called. There were still lots of sticks on the old trail up in the redwood forest.

I rode on up there and walked down the old trail moving the sticks off the trail through here.sticks4


I worked on down the trail moving these sticks off it so it’s a bit easier to walk without breaking one’s neck.sticks6


Cleared the trail

I moved the small logs and sticks through here as that’s where the trail goes.trail7


The trail is getting better

The trail looks pretty good once the sticks are removed and it’s a lot easier to walk through the redwood trees and ferns.trail5


Work and relaxing

I looked at my watch and it was almost 6 so I rode the quad runner back down to my house for a short nap before going out and working on another session removing more sand from the old well and then I did some chair hopping while watching it get dark.

Nice day.

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