Old Van Work and Metal Work

Wednesday March 8, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Working on stuff

I think I’m going to have to loosen up the U Bolts on my van to straighten the springs out a bit. It’s usually no easy job to get the nuts loose and off the U bolts. They are real dirty, so I worked on cleaning them up with a wire brush then put some penetrating oil on them to make the job easier. That’s all I wanted to get accomplished on that for now to let the penetration oil sink in.ubolts


Getting some metal

The next thing I wanted to do was bring some metal over to my shop so I could work on it. I brought these pieces over from my brother’s place with his rig.metal


That was all I really wanted to do on that for now, but after doing some chair hopping I decided to start work on the metal pieces. They are too short and I need to add some metal to them to make them longer and the right size. I cut the short pieces I needed to extend them.

I did some grinding on them first to smooth some welds out.grinding


Today’s sky

As I was taking a break, the sun started down. Mostly blue sky today, but tomorrow a rain storm is supposed to come in.sky



I got back work and set up to weld the extension pieces on.welding


I added the extension pieces and welded them up.jointing


Nice day.

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