No Work Today, Gone Paddling On the River

Monday January 30, 2023 Monte Rio CA.

Paddle day

I needed to give my body a break from all the work in the forest. I was off to Monte Rio for a paddle in my kayak. It’s steelhead fishing season so I thought I’d see what the fishermen were doing.

I parked at the boat ramp and put my boat in the water. I was surprised to see the river was still a bit muddy after seeing it muddy about a week ago when I was down  here. You can see behind the car, the water is starting to clear. Fishermen like to mostly fish when the water is clear.ramp1


I got the boat in the water and the car parked and headed down stream to a real nice day. I could see a boat in the Slot, just down river from me so at least there is one fishermen out fishing.river2


I stopped to shoot the bull a bit with Joe and his dogs before drifting on down past him. Joe said he had no  bites but he saw some seals earlier so seals means there are big spawning fish in  the river.boat4


There was enough current to just drift down the river. I’m headed down river about a  mile, as far as you can see.river5


Up ahead is called Villa Grande where I will stop and sit and watch for a bit before starting my paddle back up the river.river6


These friendly ducks joined me for a bit as I went on by.ducks7


And this great blue heron was fishing along the shoreline.heron8


I stopped here and sat for a bit with these ducks.ducks9


Villa Grande Hole

And eventually made it down to Villa Grande where I sat and watched. Another fishing boat came by headed up the river with their motor.boat10


After a good while I started my paddle back up the river against the current.

This guy is catching fish

I spotted some movement across the river and spotted this King Fisher. They usually move just as you try to get their picture, but today, this bird stayed long enough for a picture. It was catching small fish along the shoreline.fisher12


I passed these two guys drifting down river and I got a, hi Bob from them. We were in the current so we couldn’t stop for a chat.fishermen12


I made it back up to where I saw the first boat, Joe and his dogs and chatted for a bit. One of his dogs is intent on something  there. It’s watching the fishing line bob in the water.dogdy13


Strong current

Just above Joe, the current gets strong so I stopped for a break here before pushing up through the current as I had to work a bit.river14


Boat ramp

As I was working to get through the stronger current Joe passed me using his motor and beat me to the boat ramp so I sat in the boat while he got loaded up and then I got my boat  loaded on my car.ramp15


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    It does look like a nice day indeed. Ducks are always nice to see….

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