No Serious Mechanicing Today and a Red Tailed Hawk Strikes

Friday January 3, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Yard puttering

I had plans today to do some mechanicing putting the heater stuff back together.

But after feeding the chickens I just didn’t feel like doing that so I did some chair hopping instead.

Simple tasks

I did do a few simple things like put some silicone on these parts to form the gaskets to seal it all up when I put it back together.gaskets


I also puttered with a few other things to do with that job but nothing serious I was mostly taking the day off from any serious mechanicing.

Took out this plum tree

I did want to take this plum tree down as I don’t like the plums it has and I wanted to plant a tree here that I do like the plums.tree


I dug and cut this one down and got it out of the way.treedown


I cut a cane from the tree I like and dug a hole to put it in. Here’s the cane ready to put in the hole and cover up. It doesn’t have any roots and I’m hoping it will grow some for spring.cutting


Here’s the cane put in the ground. It needs it’s limbs cut back some as they are too long for something that doesn’t have any roots yet.planted


All planted

Here’s the finished product. I hope it will grow some roots and take off as it has real good plums.trimmed


Grape vine pruning

I also needed to prune this grape plant on the side of the chicken’s pen.vine


Yummy carrots

I was doing it and almost had it done when I took a break to go get some fresh carrots from the garden. They are tender and sweet right now. My brother says I should cook some up but so far I’ve just been eating them raw as they are so good.carrots


Close call for the chickens

While I was sitting eating some carrots I heard a commotion over by the grape vine I was working on. I thought it was just some chicken’s having a squabble so I looked to see who was doing what to who.

To my surprise I saw Rosy running towards a fence and run into it and at the same moment I saw a red tailed hawk pull out of a dive almost running into the fence.

It happened so fast I almost didn’t see it. Rosy lost some feathers on the fence but seemed to be ok. The hawk was a big one, larger than the chickens.

I did some more chair hopping and it was dark so I went on in the house for the day. Just after dark I come back outside to shut the chickens in for the night as they are all on the roost by then.

That was my day puttering around the yard.. Nice day.

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One Response to No Serious Mechanicing Today and a Red Tailed Hawk Strikes

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Phew! close call for Rosy! Glad there were no more than tail feathers flying!
    Otherwise, sounds like a good day and I hope the new plum tree takes root for ya!

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