Nice Paddle At the River and Quad Runner Repairs

Monday June 21, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Paddle day

I was off to Jenner around noon to do a little kayaking. I haven’t been down there for awhile so I wanted to see what was going on.

I put my boat in the water and headed down river towards the river’s open mouth up ahead.jener1


Here I am arriving at the mouth area. Lots of birds and seals here.mouth3


I paddled by these brown pelicans near the mouth.pels2


And I had to be careful I didn’t get too close to the harbor seals and spook them.seals4


Sit spot

I stayed there awhile and watched then moved all the way to the end of the river here at Haystack Rock where I like to pull into that slot and sit and watch so I did.rock5


This was my view from that spot.sitspot6


Brown pelicans

Eventually I started back going by these birds. The pelicans are coming in from the ocean where they’ve been out feeding since morning. They like to rest here and preen and spend the night.birds7


I paddled by the seals again. A couple looked but they weren’t bothered.seal8


Headed back

Then I left the mouth area and started back going up the back channel of the island.channnel9


Town of Jenner

I stopped here. Looking across Penny Island to the town of Jenner I can see all the green grass on the hills has turned brown. The clouds are high fog, since we are by the ocean.jenner10


Mattress bushes

The smell of those rounded bushes is very strong, very herbal as I paddled on by. One of the bushes names is mattress bushes.bush11


From there I paddled across the river to the Jenner boat ramp and drove on home for a nap.

Rim work

Later in the day I decided to clean up the quad runner rims. I tried a wire brush first but one of the rims was rusted real bad so something better was needed as the tires have to seal on the rim sides where I’m cleaning them.rims12


Rust removal

I remembered I had a wire wheel brush I could put on my drill so I tried it and it worked a lot better. I really wore that wire wheel down and will have to get some more of them. Patsy on the side bar blog roll will appreciate this work eh Patsy.rims13


More work

After that I checked out the feel of the quad’s front brakes and found this one not so good and rubbing a little so I took off the brake drum to check it out.brake13


Greasing sealed bearings

One of the hub bearings was a little rough so I removed the bearing seal with my knife so I could put some grease in the bearing.bearing14


I shot a bunch of grease into the bearing with my grease gun and pressed the seal back into place.seal15


It was getting close to dark so I got some evening chair hopping in.

Barb’s comment

Barb made a comment that my front car tire looks a bit worn. Good eyes, yes they are getting close to new ones. I think I’ll let the tire guys do that when I do it maybe before winter.

Chickens don’t have teeth

She also wanted to know how the chickens eat weeds with no teeth. Well a beak could be considered two teeth that work together to make holes in stuff or bite off pieces of plants and swallow it for their next thing to break up the pieces. It goes into what I think they call a crop which grounds up stuff for them. They also eat small rocks that stay in the crop to help grind up real hard stuff like seeds.  Then the stuff goes down the tube for the process to be completed. They eat a lot of vegetation.

That’s it.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Nice Paddle At the River and Quad Runner Repairs

  1. Barb in Florida says:

    Thanks Bob! I enjoyed your paddle, too.
    Have a great day today!

  2. Another nice yak. On a sunny day, i would live to just float around and sit near the Haystack Rock.
    I sure do appreciate the work wroth the wire sander. I have a hard time keeping the speed the same but i am improving. Nice job. I hope you wear gloves and goggles!!

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