Nice Fall Day Paddling Jenner and the Mouth is Closing Up

Wednesday November 29, 2017 Jenner CA.

Nice fall day for a yak

The weather looked good to kayak Jenner today so off I went.

The sun was out and the wind was down and there weren’t any other people on the water today.

Is the mouth open or closed

I put the boat in the water and decided to go down and look at the river’s mouth to see if it was open or closed. It appeared to be closed from the level of the water, but I wasn’t sure.river1


These mallard ducks got scared and took off as I approached.ducks2


The ocean looked and sounded rough today

I stopped on the bottom end of Penny Island for a bit in this spot and looked over towards the mouth and could see and hear the ocean waves splashing off the rocks.ocean3


I could see lots of birds over by the mouth area I got nearer and the mouth looked mostly closed except maybe for high tide it was still open.bird4


I crossed over the river going by these grebe.grebe5


I pulled in by the little shed there and sat in my boat for a bit.vulture6


Birds were watching this little hawk

It wasn’t long before this hawk flew into the trees just above me. It stayed long enough for me to get some photos of it. I could hear the seagulls on the water by me squawking warnings that the hawk was in the area looking for a bird to eat.hawk7


I paddled over to the mouth area to have a closer look see.mouth8


Grebe winter over here

I headed towards where the mouth was and went by this grebe.grebe9


The harbor seals were resting on the sand.seals10


River’s mouth is mostly closed

I watched these two people hurry across the closed river mouth, hoping not to get caught in a big wave. They spooked the birds as they dashed across.ocean11


I hang around the mouth area for a half hour or so watching and then moved up along this sand bar.river12


A helicopter flew by and launched most of the birds.birds13


Watched this loon fishing

I saw this loon fishing in front of me so I put the boat in a drift towards it to watch. It was diving and catching something to eat. Not sure what, but it caught more than one of them.loon15


The loon came up close to me from one of it’s dives so I was able to get a good clear picture of it.loon13


Heading home

From there I headed on over to the boat ramp and took my boat out for the day. I went on home stopping in Guerneville to do some shopping.

Suns going down

When I got home the sun was just going behind the mountains to my west which meant the day was cooling off fast so I didn’t get anything done in the yard today.

Nice day though.

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