Nice Day For a Yak, But We Rode Up Into the Hills Instead

Thursday November 10, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Plans change

I had checked the weather report for the river and it looked real good so I was thinking of going kayaking today.,,,,,,,,,,,, But.

Going for a ride instead

When I looked out the window Barry was there with his truck and dirt bike so I got my stuff and joined him for a ride up into the hills.

We rode around for about an hour then we went through our neighbor’s gate to go pay them a visit as Barry was interested in their new electric bikes.gate3


These are the neighbors that live up on the hill tops, just up this road.vieeeew4


No one home but the dogs

Their three dogs where there barking away at us, but no one seemed to be home so we started heading on back down the road when we went by an old road I indicated to Barry we should go up it and check it out so we did.

Short walk

We could only go a short ways when the road got too narrow to be safe in a spot so we parked the bikes and went for a walk out it to see where it went.trail5


We were curious so it sucked us in and we kept on going down it when I recognized it as an old road that went to an old orchard an old Italian family used to own, before I was born, but I’d been up here a number of years ago exploring around.

The road went down through here.trail6


And down this way to the old orchard up ahead. There wasn’t much left of the old orchard, just a couple of old plum trees.trail7


From the orchard we looked down the valley I live in towards the town of Guerneville were we spotted this one reddish tree down there, almost to town.town8


It turned out to be a big tree in it’s fall colors.trees9



The view of the sky was pretty good from that spot too.sky11


Walking back

We headed back up the old road.trail12


Beautiful sky today.skky13


Enjoying the day

The view from that road was so nice we stopped here for a break to enjoy the day.sky14


This is looking west towards the ocean just over those hills.sky15


Off we go

We made it back to our bikes and took off headed back to our place and continued our ride for another hour or so.road16


Another view of the sky on our way back.sky16


Road work

We had to stop in several places to remove old dead trees off the road that had fallen during the last rain.brush18


We headed for home and had a nice ride.

Barry took off for his place and I took off for a nap.

Nice day.

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  1. Deb says:

    You get to some interesting places by vehicle, bike or feet. I love that splash of colour way down there.

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