New Tires and Then Head for the Bureau River in Bureau ID.

Tuesday October 11, 2022 Buneau River, Buneau, Idaho

New van tires

I still needed a new tire for the van so we had to head north about 100 miles to a place called Nampa ID. where there were some tire shops with lots of tires. I found a Les Schwab place and made an appointment with the cell phone before I got there.

It took awhile for them to get to my van but they finally did. I decided to get two new tires. One for the messed up one and one to replace my spare as the spare had enough tread for paved roads, but not for rocky roads.

They got the tires off the van and are putting the new ones on the rims.van


Marty hunts around Nampa

While I was doing that, Marty was hunting around Nampa looking for a new inverter as his died and it runs his refrigerator. He wasn’t having much luck and getting lost a lot, but eventually he showed up again at the tire place so we could take off on the next leg of our trip.

Headed for Bureau

I know a camp spot on the Buneau River by Bureau, Id. that we were headed to, to camp tonight. It was only about an hour away from the tire shop and we were eager to get to camp.

So, we headed off down highway 78 towards Buneau..78


There was lots of farming and ranching in the area. Lots of corn here, likely to feed cattle.corn3


Cattle in an irrigated field.cows5


Bureau is down in that valley up ahead with the Snake River on the left.bruneau6


Local store sucks

I wasn’t sure what road the camp spot was on so I stopped at the local store to inquire and got shit instead.

I asked if the road across the street, called Hot Springs Road went to the local swimming hole for where the kids swim and said I was going to camp down there. He said, yes, that is the road, but it’s all private property and we can’t camp there. I was pretty sure he was full of it, but didn’t say anything and said thanks and left thinking what a jerk.

Anyway we headed down hot springs road that goes through this farming valley to the Bureau River.valley7


The guy was fool of it

I found the spot and there were no, no trespassing signs or anything like that. In fact there was a sign there saying this was the boat pullout for the Jarbidge and the Bruneau Rivers, for kayaks and such, so all was good.

We made camp there and some fairly strong wind came up for a bit, just before dark.vans8


Camp spot

Camped near the river access.vans9



The Bruneau river is quite nice here and this is the local swimming hole. It was a bit cool for us older guys to jump in, but we talked about it.river10



We are getting a bit low on water so Marty suggested we try his filter to replenish it so he got his stuff out, but the water wasn’t deep enough to get the filter in the water without getting wet, so we abandoned that idea. The river is fairly clean as it comes out of the mountains.water11


Tomorrow’s plans

We will be heading on over to the Duck Valley Indian Reservation to do some interesting stuff, I hope. I plan to visit one of the Indians I know and give him some stuff I have related to the Indians around this area.


This was the first arrowhead I ever found and it was near here and has a story. A very well crafted piece.arrowhead


I cast that arrowhead in silver a long time ago.

Some earrings.earings


I have a lot of stuff, over 20 pairs of earrings and more that I have no need for.stuff


Anyway, it might get interesting.

Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    I recognize that arrowhead. Glad you got new tires.

  2. Judith says:

    Glad you found some tires. Nampa Idaho. Never heard of it. Wondered how somebody could get lost, so looked it up. Whoa!! 100,000 people. Who knew. Not me. Meanwhile, thanks for posting your journey.

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