New Phone Setup and Trail Work For Exercise

Thursday July 27, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Chicken door

I checked, first thing, this morning when I got it going and yes, it worked and the chickens were out and about. That’s good.

New phone

My new phone that I ordered to replace my failed one was supposed to come today and it did around two so I spent some time setting it up. Fortunately it did most of it and I mostly just had to accept the agreements, click, click, click. Does anyone read those things.

New mouse too

I got that done and then unwrapped my new mouse I got because the one I had seemed like it had a mind of it’s own sometimes and things would sometimes just change on my screen. That fixed that problem. That other mouse was touchy from the time I got it about a year ago.

Needing some exercise

About 5 I hopped on the dirt bike and rode up into the forest to do a little trail work and I had a small tree I wanted to cut off the trail.

I rode on up this trail, such a nice peaceful area.trail1


And I parked the bike here where I was working on the old game trail.bike2


I walked out the old game trail a short ways.trail3


Where I had this chair, so I sat down for a bit to enjoy the day.chair4


I’d brought up a small hand saw to cut this little tree limb out of the way.limb5


Then I walked out the trail a ways, throwing limbs and sticks off where the trail was.trail6


And eventually walked on back to the beginning of it where I had another chair to sit in and I did until the sun went down.chair7



This was the view from that chair.trees8



The sun just went down so I called it a day.view9


Jumped on the bike and headed for home going the long way.bike10


Down this road.road11



When I went past the water tank area I looked on over to see where the pink ribbon was. About two feet from the bottom so the tank was almost full of water, so I can water the garden some more.tanks11


I continued on towards home down this road.road12


Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    That was a quick turn around on the phone. Trail is looking good.

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