New Chick, Bulkhead Work and a Hike Checking Out a Spring

Thursday September 12, 2019 Guerneville CA

Started out the day with a few cuts

I decided to start out the day doing a little saws all work on taking the bulkhead down. I found the saws all works best for this job although it’s a bit slow. I made several cuts then put it aside until later.bulkhead


Being born  not dying

I went over to talk with my chicken assistant and she said, did I see the almost dead chick in the nest. I said no but I’ll take a look. She did say it was just coming out of the egg. I let her know that chicks don’t have much energy when they hatch and sit around devouring the egg yoke for a few days until they get strong enough to get around and maybe that’s what she saw, a just born chick.

I went over to have a look and found a little chick on it’s back in front of one of the hens kicking in the air and couldn’t get turned over. I was surprised momma didn’t help. I helped and it ran right under momma.

How’s this going to work out

Now these two hens are going to have a problem as they are sitting on fifteen eggs together and when the chicks all hatch out they will need water and feed and will have to get down but they won’t be able to get back up to the nest.hens


Here’s the cute little chick that is about three days early. When a hen wants to be a momma and goes broody other hens lay their eggs in the nest with the broody hen so most of the eggs the hens hatch out aren’t theirs.chick


I’ll have to keep an eye on that situation.

Checking out more springs and a hike

I drove the quad up into the hills and parked here to check out another spring and went for a little walk doing it.quad


I found the spring. I’d started to develop it a long time ago but never finished and forgot about it. It needs a water pipe run to it among other things like a spring tap.

Pink tape

I found some pink tape where I’d planned to lay the water pipe so maybe I’ll do that as I get time.forest


I dug on the spring a bit cleaning it out to have a look and then went on home.

Bulkhead work

In the evening I did some more cutting on the bulkhead and made some progress. It’s going to be a lot of work getting all the metal out of there and fixing things up to get through the winter rains. If I keep at it I’ll get it done.

Had a nice day. I didn’t really work too hard and had a nice hike too.

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