New Batteries and Big Huge Metal Hinges Being Made At Joe’s Place

Wednesday December 1, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Shop day

I needed to get two batteries and some other stuff so it was going to be a shop day with a bit of visiting too.

Batteries and Sunflower seeds

So I picked up the two batteries and then went to Tractor Supply to look for some sunflower seeds for my chickens which they had.

I’ve been out of these seeds as they were out of them the last time I bought chicken feed.

They were a bit expensive but they add a lot of protein to the chicken’s diet which translates into more eggs.

Almost no eggs

Right now because of the time of the year, I’m getting almost no eggs so I’m hopping the extra protein might kick some of them back into laying eggs, otherwise they don’t normally start laying again until about the first of the year.

Joe’s place

With the shopping taken care of I headed over to Joe’s place as it was on the way home.

I found Joe outside working on a project.joes


Huge metal hinges

Joe’s project was to construct some big metal hinges for a winery. He was building them from scratch. These are some of the hinge halves before welding on the pivot parts.hinges


Texture an color

What Joe is doing is heating up these parts to induce texture and color into the parts.




To do this he heats each part up to red hot and hammers the part to remove some scale to give each piece some character.joe


Some of the metal scale will flake off where he hits it with the hammer to add character.hotstuff



Joe finished up that one piece then we went in the house where Joe made a cup of coffee for us.

We sat in his garage enjoying the coffee when his neighbor John came by for coffee too.

Chickens are out

We all shot the bull until Joe’s phone rang. It was his neighbor saying some of his chickens  had gotten out so we had to go let them back into his yard.chickens


Big dog

The neighbors big dog was watching


So after that we went back to the garage and continued our discussions.

Gravel arrives

Shortly after that we heard a machine out on the road and Joe says, my gravel is here, so we went over to where the guy was dumping the gravel in a soft spot in his yard. Joe had put a bunch of rocks in there as he said it was a sink hole..gravel



While they were working on that I spotted Joe’s pigs.pigs


Compacting attachment

The guy with the gravel had a compacting attachment on the machine which was nice as he was able to drive the rocks into the ground with it.tamper


Feeding time

Joe said he’d have to go  now and help this guy load something with his forklift, but first he had to feed his pigs.feed


Heading on home

Since my car was blocking his driveway, I left for home so he could drive his forklift out.

At home I unloaded my supplies and it was getting dark so I went on in for the day.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to New Batteries and Big Huge Metal Hinges Being Made At Joe’s Place

  1. Linda says:

    Hey Bob, have you tried using the waterglass method of preserving your excess eggs so you’ll have them when your hens are not laying? This lady has a really nice video on how to go about it. Other than that it looks like you had a busy day but fun. Thanks for the post and the pics. Linda

    • Bob says:

      Hi Linday,
      No, I hadn’t heard of that one. That’s an interesting way to preserve eggs. Not sure I’ll try that as I’m too lazy but it’s good to know.

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