Neighbor’s Phone Line Repairs and Tom’s Tractor Pin Repair

Wednesday March 24, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Day of repairs

The telephone repair guy was supposed to come to my neighbors some time today to do the repairs on the phone line to get the internet connection to work properly.

Repair guy shows up

He missed the driveway and I saw him go up the road so I went over to my neighbors so I could talk with him about what I did and what I thought was wrong with the phone lines.

He just drove into the yard here just after lunch time.truck


The repair guy up on the ladder checking out the main phone connection box. I sat in the chair and talked with him when he didn’t have to concentrate on what he was doing too much. I had to shut up once as he wasn’t the type that can do two things at once. :O)repairs


Repair guy does what he can

He did some things and went back to the substation in  town and came back and talked with our ISP provider. All his testing found the phone line good but the main phone line connection box was bad so he wired around it. He did all he could and now it would be back to giving the line a test using it for a few days.

I don’t think he got it

I did some speed tests with her computer after he left and I don’t think he got it all fixed as it should be but we’ll keep doing speed tests for a couple days to see how it goes. The speed test should read high enough and read about the same each time it is tested. It’s reading low and a different reading each time but at least it’s not dropping her connection all the time so he did improve that, I think.

Enjoying the day

After that I went back over to my yard and did some resting sitting around in my yard and enjoying the nice day.

Charging batteries

I did put the van’s batteries on a charger to get them charged up as it’s been sitting around for too long a time. I could use a trip but I have too many appointment type things lined up right now.

Fixing Tom’s tractor

Late in the afternoon my brother Tom came by with his tractor saying one of the bucket pins was not taking grease and was now squeaking when he used it.

I got out my big hammer and brass drift pin and hammered it


We cleaned out the grease hole in the pin of some real hard stuff that wasn’t letting the grease get through and put it back together.

He greased up all the pins and that was fixed.tom


That was pretty  much my day except for a bit more chair hopping around the yard.

Nice day.

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  1. Dennis Olson says:

    Hey, Bob…. It was good to see you and talk a bit in person at Tom’s the other day. First time we’ve been face to face since the day I met you (me on paddleboard, you on kayak) up by Paddy’s Rock! Keep on keeping on….

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