Neighbor Visit, Trail Work and I Set Up the Night Cam

Sunday November 20, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Neighbor visit

I needed to talk to a neighbor I’ve been helping show him how to tap his spring for water.

He’s also been helping another neighbor tap his spring by what I’ve been showing him.

I never know if he’s home. I just ride the dirt bike up to his plane on this road and see if he’s home. If not, I leave.

I rode on up this road. The trees here went through the forest fire a few years ago and most of them faired pretty well and are still alive.road1


Eventually, I popped out of the trees and rode up this road where the views are on the hill tops.road2



It was a nice day out with just a few clouds and plenty of sunshine.view3



I rode on down to their gate and parked the bike here as to not let the dogs out.gate4


Well, everyone was home except the guy I needed to talk to, so I talked with his son instead about it. Before I left the guy called home so I was able to talk with him about what we need to do to the other neighbors spring work.

Burying water pipe

After shooting the bull with his son for about an hour I left and rode back over to our place where I was working on burying our spring water pipe at this spot.bike5


I walked down the trail until I got to where I left off the other day and was looking at that tree growing across the trail where the pipe is, up ahead and decided to work on that for a bit. I only had about an hour before it got dark.trail6


I dug around the tree roots and got it ready to cut out which I will do eventually.tree7


Time to go

It was getting late and starting to get dark as I walked back up the trail the pipe was buried under.trail9


It wasn’t far to where the bike was parked and I hopped on it and headed down the hill.trail8


It was starting to get dark fast as I rode on down this road in the fallen fall leaves.road10


The bike doesn’t have a head light so I  had to hurry along going through here.forest11


I made it home ok and was working on setting up my cam that goes to the computer by the avocado tree when my brother across the creek asked if I wanted two crab for dinner.

Sure. They were yummy.crab12


Setting up the night cam

I put the crab in the fridge and went back outside and finished hooking up the cam to my computer so I was set to watch the area tonight from my computer.

Rat eating spilled oats

Here’s a rat from last night eating the oats I spilled. It ate a lot of those oats and it never went inside the enclosure in the back. This was from my trail cam.rat



And here’s a little birdie that came by in the morning.bird


Computer cam setup

This one is from tonight and is what I can see on the cam on my computer. It’s dark and is using the night light thingy on the cam. No rats have come by yet.avocadotree14

Nice day.

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