My Big Projects Are Done So There’s Only Some Yard Work To Do

Monday November 18, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Yard work

I think I got all  my big projects done for the year so I had to think about what to do today besides just take it easy.

Rhubarb area

I needed to dig out this little fenced in area where I have some Rhubarb planted so I got the dump truck and loader out to do the  job.fenced


I hauled three truck loads out to another spot I was also working on across the yard. Dirt loaded and ready to move.dirt


Rhubarb area complete

I  hauled some nice mulched dirt back in  and covered up the spot with mulch which looked like this. That’s done.mulched


A better path

Here’s the spot where I hauled the dirt to and  dumped it to make this path a bit more easy to walk on.path


I did a lot of chair hopping today as it was a nice one and I didn’t have much work to do.

Blackberry vine removal

I did some more work taking out the blackberry vines and made the vine pile a bit larger. I was digging the vines out back there by the shovel.vines


The vines were tangled in this Perry winkle so I had to really work on pulling them out of it.. Still a bunch to get out of this area.bushes


Good for sitting around

That was pretty much it for today, another nice fall day with the sun out and a light breeze, a nice sitting around day.

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