Mulching the Blueberry Patch And Hunting Up the Dozer Solenoid

Thursday April 16, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Mulching blueberries

I thought I’d add some mulch to my blueberry patch today as I’m trying to encourage the bushes to grow more so I get more berries.

Here’s the blueberry patch all screened in.patch


Pepperwood mulch

I rounded up the wheelbarrow and a shovel and shoveled up these decaying pepperwood leaves in this spot. Most berries like acidic soil and the pepperwood trees make some real nice black stuff.mulch


Grass clipping show up

After loading and hauling a couple loads of mulch  I was sitting in one of my chairs when my brother’s helper drove up in the golf cart pulling a trailer full of fresh grass clippings and asked if I wanted them.

Sure do. How about we put it on the blueberry patch so we did as I figured it would be good with the pepperwood mulch.

Grass clipping in the blueberry patch.grass


Mulched berries

I loaded and hauled a few more loads of mulch to the patch and it looked like this. I plan to let the chickens in soon so they can spread it all out and mix it up. They’ll like that.bush


Weed watering

Here’s Carmelo the rooster and Fluffy a hen grazing on some of the grass I’ve been watering. The watering of the weeds is paying off.grasses


Gate repair

I’ve noticed the white pipe on the bottom of this gate has been coming apart where I tied it on so I needed to repair things replacing the shoe lace I used with some steel wire that will work better. This pipe is to keep real small chickens from getting out.pipe


I put some wire on it and it looks and works much better now.wired


Expensive dozer solenoid

I phoned the local tractor company today to see if I could get the fuel shut off solenoid for the dozer. They could get me one by next week but the price was 220 dollars which was a bit much for a little solenoid so I put that on hold with them.

I think I found one on the internet for 27 dollars which I will chick out tomorrow as I was too late calling into central time today.

Another sunny day puttering around the yard. Nice.

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