Mulching, Dozer Repair and Removing Trees Off the Forest Roads

Thursday May 4, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Not into it

I was planning to go to Santa Rosa today to the AAA to take care of the paper work on my newer car, but when I got it going I wasn’t really into it. I put it off and thought I might do it later in the day.

Instead I was out chair hopping around the yard when I noticed one of my cherry trees actually had a bunch of green cherries on it, many more cherries than I’ve had before on any of my cherry trees. Maybe there’ll be lots of cherries this year.cherries1



So anyway, I decided to put some more mulch on the cherry trees so I hauled about six loads of woodchips to the trees and dumped them.mulch2


Still not into it

I finally decided to not go to the city to do the newer car paperwork today as I just wasn’t into it.

Forest work instead

Instead I got some fuel for the dozer and some parts to fix the exhaust pipe a tree broke off the other day and rode on up into the hills where the dozer was parked and put the fuel in the dozer.fuel3


Big slugs

I noticed these big banana slugs where out and about today. I saw about six of them near the dozer.slug4


Exhaust pipe repair

A tree I was pushing tore the exhaust pipe off the other day breaking the bracket that held it on. I brought the clamp up to repair it and put it on to hold the pipe in place.pipe5


That’s the bracket that got broken and the new clamp I put on it to fix it.clamped6


Tree work on my cousin’s place

I wasn’t planning to do any dozer work today, but instead I rode the quad runner over to my cousin’s place to remove some downed trees off her roads.

This was the first tree I removed.tree7


It seemed there were more trees across the roads than I thought. I cleared these ones.trees8


And this one, by now I’m getting tired out.tree9


I thought this was the last one, but I was wrong.tree10


I rode on up this road thinking I was done. I was tired out and headed for home.road11


Then I ran into these trees, so I stopped and cut them off the road and then headed for home.trees12


Brother’s potato patch

I stopped at my brother’s garden to see what he’s been doing there. He just planted this plot in potatoes to sell at the farmer’s markets. He grows a lot of potatoes for the markets and is known as the potato guy.taters13


Nap time

I made it home for a much needed nap.

Finish up the day

Later I went back outside and chair hopped around the yard with the chickens.

This was my view about an hour before the sun went down over the hills.sky14

Nice day.

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