Mulching and Eating Raspberries From the Raspberry Patch

Monday July 27, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Mulch moving

After feeding and checking on the chickens I sat around in the yard for a bit looking around to see what I needed to do today.

I need more mulch in the raspberry patch so I got my shovel and wheelbarrow and moved mulch leaves from the driveway here.road


More mulch coming soon

I wasn’t’ trying to clean up the driveway as much as I wanted to get the mulch to the raspberry patch. Not really much use cleaning the driveway as lots more leaves are getting ready to fall from the trees in the forest which is good because I like lots of free mulch.mulch


Raspberry patch

I moved the mulch across the yard to this raspberry patch. The patch has about three inches of mulch but it can use more. I’d like about 6 inches of mulch which will take some time to accomplish as I don’t have enough mulch to do it yet. But a little bit at a time gets the job done eventually.patch


Nice big raspberries

The reward is some raspberries are starting to get ripe. This is a huge berry variety about an inch long.berries


They are big berries and I ate these ones.raspberries


Easy day

Other then some chicken supervising I did some chair hopping and puttering around the yard until dark.

I got the pruners out and removed some blackberry vines around the yard which is a never ending task.

I did get a nap or two in there somewhere for a nice day.

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