Moving To the Desert and a Special Ending To the Day

Sunday June 11, 2023 Smokey Creek Rd. NEV.

Leaving the forest

We were leaving this area and heading north to the desert, just up highway 395.

We caught the paved road out of the forest and took it the 20 miles to Janesville where we fueled up.road1


After fueling up we stopped in this spot so I could post my blogs as the cell signal wasn’t too bad here. We’d come from behind that mountain where we were camped this morning.raod2


We had to drive up 395 for about 20 miles where we caught this road heading out into the desert, to the east. This road is called Smokey Creek Ranch Road.cows3



I spotted this animal standing out in the meadow checking us out as we passed.burro5


It looks like a burro losing it’s winter coat.burro6


And I saw this hawk just before it took flight.hawk7


The desert was fairly lush and the road was mostly good.road8


Not to our liking

We were looking for a camp spot so pulled off on the road that led us here, but the spot wasn’t to our liking so we passed it up and moved on looking for a better spot.cabin9


Gravel pit camp

We ended up here in this old place they used to get gravel for the road. The thunder started and it rained pretty good just about as soon as we got parked. We sat it out in our vans until it quit a short time later.vans10


Weird stuff

After dinner and after the thunder and rain left us, we were sitting outside enjoying the evening when Marty says, what’s going on over there?camp11


White mountains

He was looking at the white mountains lit up over there. There were clouds all around us and it was raining over there, but somehow the sun made it through and lit up those mountains and only those mountains causing an interesting effect.hills12


The sun shining through the rain and clouds was somehow causing the mountains to project an image of the mountains higher in the air than the actual mountains were.

It lasted more than ten minutes so I decided to try to capture the effect with my camera thinking it wouldn’t do it, but I’d try

If you look closely you can see the effect.hills13


I think it shows it better in this one and no, I did not move the cameramagical13


Wow, that was pretty magical and a nice way to end the day.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Moving To the Desert and a Special Ending To the Day

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Awesome light! I made it to Nevada.

  2. Barb says:

    Pretty cool effect. I’ve never been lucky enough to see it.
    I’m enjoying your trip. Thanks for taking us along.
    Beautiful country we live in.

  3. Dominique Cortara says:

    I would have ended up staying in the camp spot with the tree and grass instead of the gravel pit. The mountains looked neat.

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