Moving the Water System to Make More Room For the Momma Hens and the Walk Didn’t Happen

Saturday June 22, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Tired before I started but I did get started

My assistant chicken lady says she thinks the nursery area is too small. The chicks can go most anywhere in the grow pens and main pen,  but the momma hens can’t. This is to keep the other larger hens. none mommas, out of the  nursery area as they seem to cause too much trouble.

Moving chicken’s water

So, I was thinking I could add more room for the momma hens by letting them into the mulch pen area. The only problem doing that is that’s where the main pen water supply is so I’d have to move it into the main pen so the birds in the main pen would have drinking water.

Goldie’s chicks

Here’s Goldie with her chicks as I walk into the nursery pen this morning. I had to watch out when I stepped as they really scoot around.goldie


Mulch pen

Here’s the mulch pen I’d like to let the momma hens into once I move the water supply to the main pen.mulchpen


And here’s the mulch pen from the other direction. It’s a nice big pen, the mommas and chicks should enjoy it.pen


The big birds in the main pen get to go outside and graze so they shouldn’t really miss this pen too much.

Water those weeds

I turned on a couple sprinklers to water the weeds for the chickens and let them run most of the day.

Moving the water system

So I had to undo this water stuff so I could move it. Of course the fittings stuck and I had to get some tools to move it. It’s an automatic waterer with a float.water


I moved it over to the main pen into this spot and hooked it up to a water faucet. It’s right next to my rhubarb plants so they may get some water from the unit which would be good.waterer


Walk that didn’t happen

It was warm today and for some reason I seemed to be tired out before I started. So I napped some. I had plans to walk up the hill to retrieve the quad runner I left up there and even started to get started in the evening.

But just as I was going to go, I changed my mine and decided it just wasn’t that important and could wait.

Chairs and plans

I took it easy and did some chair hopping and planning instead until it was time to go in for the day.

That was  my day, not too hard and I took it mostly easy.

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