Moving Dirt and Plants In the Blueberry Patch

Friday August 17, 2018 Guerneville CA.

I have a choice of jobs to do

I had a choice today. Either do the brakes on the van or work on moving blueberry bushes in the blueberry patch. The blueberry patch won out.

I worked on moving a lot of mulch dirt out of the patch to make room for the plants I wanted to move.patch


I moved this one which is pretty big and took a long time to dig out.bush


Hard work

I needed a good break after moving that bush so I went in the house and got something to eat and a good nap before going back out and tackling the other bush.

I moved this little bush on the left. That was plenty to move in one day.bush2


Good dirt

This is the dirt I moved out of the patch today.dirt


Good potatoes

I have more potatoes than I know what to do with but I’ll figure out something.tatters


After I got what I wanted to do in the blueberry patch done, I let the chickens in as they were making a lot of noise at the gate all day while I was working.

Chickens love to dig in fresh dirt

They moved right in and were some happy critters.chickens


Don’t want wet chickens

The auto waterer came on and I expected them to high tail it out, but not today. They weren’t leaving so I had to shut the water off as I didn’t want them to get soaked as it was only a couple hours to dark.

I turned the water back on after they had left around dark.

My little chicks are doing well.chicks


I checked out some plums I need to pick soon and get drying. I ate a few for now.plums


That pretty much wore me out today, but I’m getting there.

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