More Work On the Neighbors Spring

Monday, June 3, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

We made some spring improvements today

The sun was out when I got up this morning, but it was a little on the cool side which was fine with me, since I was going up to help a neighbor do some improvements on his spring. And that spring was way across the canon and a good hike straight up the hill. And today, we had to haul tools and pipes and parts up the steep hill, so cool was just fine.

I got up there around ten thirty this morning and we loaded up and rode the little four wheelers over there were we dismounted and proceeded to haul the stuff up the steep hill. We took our time dong that as it was real slippery stuff, lots of little rolly type rocks to slip on.

We dug out the old valve box and pipe and laid in the new larger pipe.

We were so busy I forgot to take some pics until we were almost done.

This pic shows the new valve box and Bryce working on the spring head.



We added about ten feet of new two inch pipe . Here is Bryce inspecting our work.



The is the main part we added. This is the part were roots get stopped up if they get in the pipe and grow down it. It has two unions. The grey one and the white one which is also a slip type so it can be compressed and the little piece of pipe removed so it can be taken apart and the roots cut and pulled out. Because the pipe reduces from two inches to one inch here, it’s were it gets plugged up when the roots grow too much.



After we got the new pipe and unions installed we opened up the spring head and added some more clay around the inlet.

Below is a pic showing the green inlet with the clay built up under it. The water comes out of the hill and flows in the back side which may not be visible in this photo? Water flows into that green thing and into the two inch pipe that goes to the unions.



We had problems with the little one sixteenth inch roots growing though the other screen box that had larger holes in the corners. This box got spot welded by another friend, so we are hoping no roots can get though this one and into the pipe.

Below is the screen box installed over the green inlet piece. More rocks will be added and plastic pulled over all this to help seal it.



Once the plastic and rocks are put on top of the spring head, it looks like what is below. I consider this a fairly sanitary spring tap.



We hooked it all up and tested it out and it all worked real good, so we threw some sticks and leaves on it all to hide it a bit and headed down the hill.

I headed on home and was thinking earlier I might go for a yak, but the nap got me and that was about all I had in me today.

Had a nice day messing around up in the hills.

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