More This and That’s and Stuff Gets Done

Saturday February 18, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Fifty amp generator cable hookup

I prepped the wires for the new 50 amp generator plug.box1


And then I got the electric panel  hooked up so now we can use the new generator, if need be.wired2


Seat cover

After a break I installed the new seat cover on the van. It looks nice but seems a bit flimsy. They don’t seem to make them like they used to.seat3


Painting rims

After much thought, I decided to paint the new white van rims, black, like they used to be. I sorta liked the white ones, but they just seemed too flashy and distracted from the van’s nice paint job. :O)van4


I’d made this cardboard cutout to keep the paint off the tires, but it didn’t work because the tires were wider than the rims so it just didn’t fit. But the paint is black and so are the tires, so it worked fine without the cutout.rim


Black rims

There, that’s better. Some say I need a fancy, dancey, paint job. But no, I like to be able to crash through the brush when need be and not be concerned about the paint. I like to just use a spray can to patch things up when need be. Battle scars. That brown one on the side there, is when the van tangled with one of those metal yellow poles they put around gas pumps at gas stations.rims5


Grease it

After another break, I got the stuff out to start greasing the van.grease6


Cracked up rubber bushings

While crawling under the van, I noticed this spring shackle’s rubber bushings had cracked up and needed replacing, so I need to get some new ones, hopefully stronger than these ones. I was a bit rough on them the last trip I took.shackle7


This one is pretty bad and there was one more on the back axle that was messed up too.cracked8


It was a real nice day, so I did a good deal of chair hopping around the yard with the chickens.chickens9


Air check

And late in the day, I checked and aired up all the van’s tires, including the spare.air10



Almost all the daffodil blooms are open now.daffs11


The chickens are grazing on the new grasses coming up, just before dark.grazing12


Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    Wondering if the passenger seat got a new cover too? Those yellow concrete poles do bite. Maybe I should invest in a can of blue paint for my boo-boo. Seems you’re getting the van ready to roll.

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