More Internet Testing, and Pipe Burying And Enjoying the Day

Friday April 2, 2021 Guerneville CA.

More speed testing

I did some more internet speed testing first thing today as I wanted to know what time the sun warmed up and our internet worked ok. Each house was a bit different but they were all working ok from starting around 12 to one and were mostly good until about five PM.speedtest


So now I think I have enough ammo to get all three houses fixed up when I see a tech on Wednesday.

Enjoying the day

I did some chair hopping and just sitting around in the yard enjoying the day.

Finishing up this part

Eventually I drove the quad runner up to the spring water line valves so I could cut the water line excess off and get this part of the pipes buried.pipes


So now that I had my pocket knife I cut the pipe and got the water lines buried. I now need something to cover the valves, maybe a piece of steel roofing.valves


A walk in the forest

After that I drove down to these trees and walked around the forest a bit.trees


This creek has water in it because there are some water springs under it from all the springs that run down the hills in this valley.creek


Mixing chicken feed seeds

Back  home I did my chicken chores. They eat a lot so I’m always mixing up the seeds I feed them. Doris my blue green egg layer joined me to eat some of the fallen seed on the floor. I had to shoe her out to shut the door.feed


Chickens know what time it is

I puttered around the yard a bit and then let the chickens out into the front yard when they lined up to be let through the gate. The two black ones in the front jump the fence to get in the front yard earlier and now want to join up with the rest of the chickens.gate


There they go. I plan to keep that big white rooster as the number two rooster as he is a meat type bird which might make me larger birds for eating,  maybe.rooster


I didn’t work too hard today, mostly took it easy.

Nice day.

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  1. Carl Elliott says:

    Have you thought about getting some plastic irrigation valve boxes, with removable lids, to cover the water valves? They come in various sizes and are relative inexpensive. Home Depot and Lowes usually have them in several sizes, square, rectangular and round. Their sides can be easily cut to accommodate unusual configurations.

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