More Chicken Nest and Egg Storage Construction, and Dried Fruit

Sunday September 23, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Constructing chicken nests and egg storage

The chickens were all resting in their pens from a hard morning’s feeding when I went out to their pen this morning. The frame work for the nest and storage cabinet was as I left it yesterday ready for the next step, shelves. frame


I got my tools out and set up.

To get the chickens out of  my way I scattered some feed in the mulch pen and shut the gate on them. I spent most of the day just puttering but slowly getting things done.

I stared out cutting some wood for the shelves and then I installed them screwing them down.shelves


I like using screws

I like using screws as if I screw up, I can take things apart and fix boo boos. Or if I want to modify something I can unscrew things and make them the way I want, plus they hold wood tight.

Shelves installed

I have all the shelves in now. Looking good.shelvesin


Cutting and screwing sides

Next I needed siding and holes for the chickens to get into their nesting boxes. I also drilled some half inch air holes where needed for ventilation and took a break at this point.cabs



Once the sides were on I needed some doors for the storage area at the top and at the bottom. I cut the doors out and had hinges for the bottom one but not the top one so I hinged the bottom door and screwed the top door in temporarily until I get some more hinges.door


Chickens force their way in

I put a handle on the bottom door and drilled a hole to use a lock pin to keep it shut. I need hinges for the two egg collection doors on the nesting boxes and I need to build them some perches for getting into the nests. It was getting late and the chickens wanted back in, but I wasn’t quite finished yet. Eventually they forced the gate open and came in as this is their main pen were they feel the safest.

Almost done

The almost finished project.handle


Drying fruit

I finished up for the day and put stuff away. After a rest I covered up the dried fruit I have drying n this old truck bed trailer. The prunes in the back need about another day and the plums in the front need about another week or so. I covered them up for the night to keep the dew off them and the critters out.fruitdry


That pretty much concluded my day for a nice constructive one.

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