Medical Stuff, Forest Work and Fresh Fish

Thursday April 20, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Medical stuff

I needed to make a call to my medical people as it’s was colon time. Time to get my routine checkup, but first I had to get an appointment with them and I’m not one to hang around the phone waiting for a call and I knew if I called, there’d be a good waiting time.

That meant I’d have to hang around the house for a bit to get it done so I started the day with that. As it was the wait time wasn’t long but that was just to get the ok and now I would need to get an appointment when they got around to it.

At least I got that part done.

Forest work

I’m still waiting on parts for my van or I would of worked on that.

Instead I hopped on the motor bike and rode on up to the forest trail I’ve been working on.

I parked the bike at the trail head and walked on up this trail to the work spot.trail1


Trail work

I worked on this part of the trail today,  mostly cleaning it up and widening it about six inches so my littlest quad runner could get up it.rail2


I spent about three hours on that today until I got enough exercise to say I was good and tired out.


I made it back to the dirt bike and headed for home, but stopped at this culvert to take that big stick out of it’s entrance.sticks3


The culvert was clear except for that big stick. This ditch runs fast with a lot of water when it rains.pipe4



Back home, I let the eager chickens out into the front yard to graze.chickens5



While I sat in the sun just enjoying the day and resting up.sun6


Fresh fish

Just before dark, my brother Tom came by. He’d been out fishing today and had this bag of fresh halibut for me. Dinner, ………. yummy.fish7


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    Geez. One brother has vegetables, the other has fresh fish. I need some brothers!!

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