Maturing Roosters and Moving Poo Dirt

Saturday November 24, 2018 Guerneville CA.

My roosters are becoming roosters

My roosters are starting to mature so are starting to make a bit of noise even at night so I’m going to have to thin them out soon or they’ll be fighting with each other because that’s what roosters do.

Feed and water

I went out and checked their feed and water and they had plenty so I didn’t have to feed them.

Leg hook

I need a better way to catch them so I thought I’d try this coat hanger and make a hook like the guy on YouTube did.hanger


I made this leg hook out of the coat hanger and went out to try it out.hook


Practice with the hook

I wasn’t too good with it and had a hard time getting them hooked and missed a lot. It might be I need to remake the hook or maybe I just need more practice.

A bit of welding

I was looking at my welding area as I have a small welding project to complete but my back still isn’t up to par, but it is a bit better.

I knew if I welded these grow panels all up, my back wouldn’t like it at all so I decided to only weld for a half hour and only weld on the small side extension bars which will make the four inch sides I’m adding.

My back was complaining well before I got it done. I’ll weld the rest of the rebar on the sides at another time.welding


More to do after a rest

I’ve noticed I’m getting too much dirt on the floor of he main chicken pen so I needed to haul some of it out but that wouldn’t be easy with the chickens running around in there so I waited until late in the day when I let the chickens out to graze in the yard.chicks


Good poo dirt

The dirt  has a lot of poop in it. I moved three wheelbarrows of it to the place I store garden dirt as this should make good fertilizer.dirt


I was going to to put woodchips in where I removed the dirt but instead I decided to let them poop in it again then I’ll take some more out then maybe put in some wood chips.

Fighting cocks

The chickens were all out grazing away. I didn’t notice those two chickens on the left until later.chickens


Like I said the roosters are starting to mature and feeling their oats.cocks


Watching chickens

I was pretty wiped out by this time so I just chair hopped and keep an eye on the chickens until they went to their roost around 5.

That was my day it was rather nice out.

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2 Responses to Maturing Roosters and Moving Poo Dirt

  1. Mister ed says:

    Why not wait until they go to roost. and then cull them that way

    • Bob says:

      Ed, I’d thought of doing it that way because it’s the easiest, but I don’t want to butcher them then and I didn’t have a way to hold them over without having to catch them again. I dug out an old wire cage and got it going so now I have a way to hold them to do it that way and it would be good to keep them without food for a bit so we’ll see. I’m learning by doing.
      Good suggestion,

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