Matos Cheese Factory and Getting Some Fence Wire

Tuesday October 30, 2018 Guerneville CA.

What to do today

I looked at the weather for Jenner today and it was going to be a bit windy so I decided to stay  home and get some stuff done.

I checked on the chickens to see how they were mixing. The little guys still huddle in the corner when they want to rest but they seem to be feeding together mostly.chickens1


You can see the younger chicks huddled in the corner on the left.chicks2


Thinking of cheese

I was thinking I’d like some cheese and I needed to get some supplies for some projects so I got my stuff together and headed on over towards the shopping areas.

Matos cheese factory

Matos’s Cheese farm is on the way so I drove on in.matos3


I parked in front of the little store and went on in hoping to talk with Sylvia about  how and what they put in their cheese but she wasn’t there so a nice Mexican lady helped me out but her English was very limited and my Spanish is very limited.factory4


Yum cheese

I got four pounds and started eating it as soon as I got back in the car.

Good stuff.

Hardware shopping

I continued on to the hardware store eating cheese. I drove on in to the fencing area.

They  had a lot of wire so I had to look around to find some that would do the job and wasn’t too expensive.hardwarestore5


I found a suitable roll and put it in the back of the car and went on in the store to shop a bit and pay for my stuff.

Home again

Once back home I unloaded the wire near where I’ll be  using it.wire6


Another chicken run area

My plan is to fence off the area to the right of the car and  let the chickens in so they can clean up the weeds in that area.

I spent the rest of the day making plans and chair hopping around the yard.

And that was my day for a good one.

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