Marty Visits, Trip Planning and Checking Out the Fire Area

Friday September 11, 2020 Guerneville CA.


Marty was coming by today with his old van to do some work on a door. So I thought I better go over to see if there was still a road block on the road or not, at the corner.

Fire rehab equipment

As I approached I could see guys getting ready to unload a dozer. I didn’t see any police just road closed signs so Marty shouldn’t have any trouble getting in.road1


I also saw this excavator and truck getting things unloaded.road2


Here’s another view of the excavator.excav3


D4 dozer

Any time I see a dozer I usually have to go  have a chat as I’m a dozer operator too. Even as a kid dozers always attracted me. These guys had driven up from San Diego and were headed up into the hills to do cleanup.d4


Van work

While I was talking with the dozer guys Marty snuck by so I found him at my house looking for me. We had some work to do on his van on the passenger door.van5


We sat around for a bit shooting the bull then got some tools out and worked on bending his door so it would close properly. After some trail and error we got it in better shape then it was.

Eating strawberries

Then we sat around for a bit resting up and then took a walk across the road to my brother’s strawberry patch where we gorged on berries. Yum.

Trip planning

Once we got back to  my place we spread out the maps and made some plans for a trip to Nevada in a couple weeks. We just planned enough to get us started and get us to the area we want to explore.maps6


Checking out the fire area

Marty took off for home and I went in for a nap. Around 5 I forced myself to go for a dirt bike ride to check out the fire scene.

I didn’t find any fire guys up there maybe because it was late in the day so I just went for as short ride to look for any smoldering fires.

What’s that

I stopped here to check out the view and look for smoke and didn’t see any but. A round object on the ridge down there caught my eye.view7


This was what I saw and couldn’t really make it out but it was in a place there shouldn’t be a thing like this.can8


It looks a little like a garbage can but not quite. I’ll have to hike down and check it out soon but not today.can9



On the way back I saw this little puff of smoke so I stopped and put out the glowing embers.smolder10


This was the main fire road which was now packed and in pretty good shape. I rode down this and then turned onto our property, road11


Where I rode around on our roads just to check them out. The fire never did get on our place but the dozers did do a couple fire breaks down the side of the hills.

I stopped here for a bit. I call this Lost Ridge as it’s deep in the forest.bike13


From there I rode around a couple more roads then headed on home.

It was almost dark so I did some chair hopping watching the chickens grazing around the yard until just before dark when I went in the house for the day.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    That’s a pretty nice looking lowboy!! You’ve got a good eye to spot that can. Weird how things can just jump out at you as not belonging. I’m curious what it is too.

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