Marty and I Trip Plan and Go For a Ride In the Forest

Friday August 5, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Trip planning

Marty came by today so we could do some trip planning. We sat down and looked at maps so I could show him what I had planned out for a trip this fall. I only had a tentative plan to go northeast from here that I showed him so he could do some planning too.

Old gold mining claim

The only thing we had planned for sure was the first night’s camp spot in Downieville at my Uncles old gold mining claim which he no longer owns. I did some gold mining here when I was younger  but I was careful not to get the gold mining bug as it’s a bunch of hard work. My Dad stayed at his cabin in his older age and got quite a bit of gold nuggets out of the river. This area was one of he hottest gold areas during the 1850’s when everyone came west to get rich. It was said that when the old timers first came into this area, they  just walked around with buckets and threw the nuggets into it as they were laying around everywhere.

Anyway it’s about the right distance for two older guys to camp that can’t or don’t want to go as far as they used to in a day.

We will continue to plan.

After that we walked around the yard eating fruits and berries.

Trail ride

After that we hopped on the trail machines to take a ride up into the hills so I could show him what I’ve been working on. Marty is a much slower rider than I so I’d go a ways and stop to wait for him usually stopping to kick rocks and sticks off the road. It also gave me a chance to stop to take photos which I usually don’t get much of a chance to do while riding.

I stopped here to throw some sticks off the road.ride1


Walking stick

Then we took this trail up into the hills. I stopped here and told Marty to find a waling stick that he’d need a bit later to walk out the trail I was working on.trail2


I stopped here to make sure he got across this creek ok and he did.marty3


Downed tree

We didn’t get far when I ran into this small downed tree. Lucky, when it fell, it cracked it into smaller pieces so we got it off the trail so we could continue on.tree4


Sit spot

I waited for him here so we could have a sit on the logs for a bit.seats5


And I stopped here to throw some redwood sticks off the trail as he caught up with me.trail6


Ridge view

We made it to the ridge top that has this view. The forest fire went through the hills in this view a couple years ago. It’s recovering nicely.view8


Trail work area

We pulled into the area I was working on the trail where he had to use that walking stick we stopped to pick up so we could walk out the trail a bit to the chairs I had stashed there and shot the bull for awhile, mostly still dong trip planning.

Drink of water

After a good break there we took off on another road headed towards home stopping at the spring for a nice drink of fresh water.water9



We made it home and shot the bull a bit more and he headed for home around 5.

After a good break I put some fertilizer on my citrus trees and puttered around the yard a bit.

Dark with no power

Around 9, I started working on writing my blog when the power went off, so I took it easy for about an hour when it came back on.

Nice day.

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