Marty and I Ride In the Forest and Water Tank Gauge Upgrade

Monday July 31, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Marty visits

Marty came by for a visit around noon. After a brief session of shooting the bull we loaded a ladder on the golf cart and went over to my brother’s chickens to collect the eggs.eggs1


Wrong ladder

From there we rode on up to our water tanks with the ladder. After trying the ladder on the tank I decided it wasn’t safe and was too short for the job, so we took it back home. I’ll be back with my big one later this evening.tanks2


Ride up into the forest

I got the rigs out to go for a ride. Earlier in the day, I checked the dirt bikes tire pressures and found them real low. Like the back one had three pounds in it and the front one wasn’t much better. Watching how to change tires on YouTube the other day, the guy said the magic number is 13 pounds, so I added the air in both tires. The lower tire pressure wasn’t too bad when the ground was wet, but when the ground dried out, the tires were slipping all over the place.

What a different the right tire pressure made. I wasn’t checking them with a tire gauge earlier, just looked at them and felt them which obviously wasn’t good enough.

Redwood spring

We rode on up to this spring where we got a drink of water and I collected the memory card from the game cam.drink3



These critters were the only things on the cam, so far. They came back for water several times and knocked over the game cam too.crows


The pond

We rode around some and stopped to look for tracks at the pond. No tracks. There’s two springs coming out of the hill here. Don’t laugh. It’s the only pond we have. I guess it’s more of a water hole for the animals.pond4


Peaceful spot

We stopped at this trail and walked out to were the chairs were to take a good break and shoot the bull some. It’s a nice peaceful spot so we stayed for a good while.trail5


Another break spot

This is another good rest spot on the Talking Trees Trail. We sat on the cut logs for a spell.logs6


We headed on back to my house from there and Marty took off for home.

Fixing the Pink Ribbon gauge

After a good rest, I got the big ladder loaded up on my Toyota and drove on up to the tanks with it.ladder7


Up with the ladder

It’s a  much better ladder for this job, especially since I don’t like heights much.tanks8


Up the ladder

I went on up to see how the old ball was attached to the cable so I knew what I needed to fasten the new larger ball onto the cable. This is the pulley system to get the steel cable over the side of the tank to the gauge indicator below.pulleys9


I had to drive back home to get some stainless steel wire to hook the new ball up and rode my dirt bike back up to the tank.

Adding the new ball

Then I hauled the new ball up to the top of the tank and installed it after removing the smaller black ball on the left. The new ball is much larger and much heavier so the system should work better with the extra weight.

All fixed up

I’ve got the new ball attached and will put it back into the tank to flout on top of the water. I lubed up the pulleys before coming down the ladder.flouts10


This is the weighted indicator that shows how much water is in the tank. The tank is full when the indicator is on the ground.  I call this the Pink Ribbon Gauge. The ribbon is so I can see it from further away easily.ribbons11


All done. I left the ladder there until I know the changes are working properly.tanks12


Tom’s chickens

From there, I rode down to Tom’s chickens to put them away for the night. I did that and collected the eggs.chickens13


Then I went back home and put my chickens away for the night.

Nice day.

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