Marty And I Head Up Into the Forest to Do a Bit of Work

Sunday August 6, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Forest work

Marty showed up around noon and after a good bull session we put some tools on the quad runner and rode up into the hills to do a bit of work.

We stopped at this spring for a cup of water on the way up.water


We took this trail through the redwood trees and stopped here for a short break on the wooden logs.trail


Then we headed on up the trail, taking our time.creek


I waited for Marty to catch up here and then we headed up that road.roads


A bit of work

We didn’t get far before we got to this downed tree across the road. We had a chainsaw to make short work of that tree.tree


Enjoying the seats and the view

We continued on up to this overlook where I was working yesterday carving some seats into the hillside. Today, we sat and enjoyed the view on those seats for a good bit.view


We were headed to the ridge top to do some more work, but needed to go by this spring to collect the cam card there. Marty got a drink of water while I retrieved the cam card.

Headed back down the hill

Before we got started again, Marty said he wasn’t feeling well, so we decided to head back to my place, down the hill.springwater


We stopped at this spring to get the other cam card.spring


There wasn’t much on that card, except this bat.bat


And this truck went by going down the hill on the cam. I have no idea who it was. They had a trim saw in the back. I think they may have been up on the top road doing some trimming and took the wrong turn to get back down to the state park.rig


Shortly, they came back up the  hill on the cam and then shortly came back down the hill. I think they might have been lost and were looking for a way out as if you get on the property, there are roads everywhere with no signs so it’s easy to get lost real quick. Someone must of let them out of the gate at the bottom as it was locked when they went by.truck


We  made it back to my house and Marty took off for home. I headed in the house for a nap and something to eat.

Later in the day, I ate some more fresh prunes and some mulberries. More of them are starting to turn black now as they are starting to ripen up more.berries

Nice day.

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