Marty and I Head Out for an Adventure to the Jarbidge Area

Friday September 18, 2015 Highway 80 Nevada, east of Reno

Here is Marty’s blog address which is also available in my side bar  in blogroll. He’ll give you a different perspective of our trip.

I met Marty at his house in Santa Rosa this morning and we headed off on our trip. We were headed by the spot were the big fire just burned through, Middletown. We got turned back before we got there as they have the road closed over the hill, so we had to scramble and figure out another way to get to Highway 20 which was the way we wanted to go today. We did finally get onto Highway 20 near Colusa and followed that road to Interstate 80 and on eastwards to this camp where Highway 95 goes south. The campsite is just north of that intersection on a power line maintenance road. Nice and peaceful here. We can just barely hear the highway noise.

It’s just a place to spend the night a bit away from the highway. Marty has his cell phone hook up for the internet with him, so I may be able to publish when we get a cell connection which he says we have here at this spot.

Here’s our camp spot for the night. Yes, we have two of these old vans. We built his van first and later I built my van using his as a prototype. His van is a 1668 and my van, on the left is a 1967.vancamp


Tomorrow we will drive to Winnemucca and get some last minute supplies, gas up and then head out to the boonies at Golconda which is the first exit past Winnemucca east. We plan to camp at Willow Creek Reservoir for a couple of days and work our way up to the Duck Valley Indian Reservation camping along the way.

I’m always glad to have this part of the trip over where most of the heavy traffic is done with and now we can relax a bit.

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2 Responses to Marty and I Head Out for an Adventure to the Jarbidge Area

  1. admin says:

    Hi Patti,
    You are very observant. To be fair, Marty’s van has to sit out in the sun and the rain while mine is under cover. He also has a big motor home now that he mostly has been using instead of the van. This all means he hasn’t needed to take the time to keep up his old van so it needs some work, which he plans to do as he gets time. He realizes how much fun the old van is to get out on the back roads and camp where his motor home can’t go. And since my van is my only RV, I’ve taken the time to do some tricking out on it. We intentionally don’t put a good paint job on the vans as we go through a lot of trees and brush that would just mess up a good paint job. And we don’t want a good paint job stopping us from going through this stuff when necessary.

  2. Patti Godwin says:

    His van does look like a 1668. Yours looks way newer.

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