Marty and I Discuss Our Up Coming Trip and We Do a Bit of Forest Work

Thursday May 18, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Marty came by today about noon. We sat around the yard discussing our upcoming trip in June and shot the bull for an hour or so.

We are planning to go up north in California to check out the forest and some creeks with beaver and just explore the area for the mouth of June.

Forest work

Then I grabbed the chainsaw and we rode up into the hills to cut this tree off the road. Marty is fiddling with the machine’s shifter. I got the tree cut up and Marty helped me move the brush off the road.tree1


Spring check out

I cut a couple other small things off the road before we got to this spot where I wanted to check out this spring coming out of the hill in the ferns. I’m thinking of tapping this one eventually, once I figure out just exactly where it’s coming out of the hill. I’ll have to remove a couple of the big ferns to figure that out.spring2


Improving the view

I still had some gas left in the chainsaw, so we rode over to this spot to remove a tree that is impeding the view from here.saddle3


I cut this tree down awhile back expecting it to roll down the hill but it stuck here messing up the view. I cut it down just to improve the view.tree4


Here’s the view with the tree in it. I cut it up into smaller pieces and the view looks much better.view5


After getting the tree taken care of we sat around shooting the bull and enjoying the view for about an hour.

From there, it was back to my house. Marty took off for home and I needed a nap for a bit.

Nice day.

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